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Gotta Return an Item

Uuuuugh. Guess what I found out? I ordered an anime set off Amazon, thinking it'd be the DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs (I only want the DVDs, but FUNi releases them with both DVD and Blu-ray so I kinda have to get them with the latter). Instead, I find that I ONLY got the Blu-Ray discs, and I don't have a Blu-Ray player! Gotta ship it back.

My Dad's Okay!

Good news! My dad just got through surgery to correct those abdominal aortic aneurysms, and it was successful! He's okay! Thank God!


So, a new Anne of Green Gables show is out on Netflix. I've seen up to episode 3 and I really like it. It does have its flaws, but what show doesn't? But man, I'm seeing people on YouTube be really harsh on it without even giving it a shot. They're all saying stuff like, "Oh no! It has feminist propaganda!" "Oh no! It's all grim and dark and edgy and trying to be relevant to 2017!" "The 80s version will always be the best one!" "Oh no! This isn't Anne of Green Gables at all! Grimdark edgelords are hurting TV!" When was a show being dark and grim bad? It's still faithful to the book, even with its divergences (some of which make sense, others don't). God, why are people so quick to assume the worst about everything? At least be happy it's not the awful PBS movie that came out this past fall. I for one have come to really like Anne With an E. It has its flaws, but it's still a very good series. I'll gladly watch Anne With an E over most of the crap currently on TV nowadays, like all those trashy romcoms or talk shows or everything on MTV. I don't even watch Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon anymore because all their shows (sans Steven Universe) are crap and they keep treating genuinely good shows like crap in favor of garbage like Breadwinners.

Firechick's Book Reviews: Queens of Geek

I give this geeky book about fandoms and conventions...an 80/100!

Just from looking at the premise of the book, I knew it was my kind of book. I mean, geeky girls with problems going to a convention, having fun, and experiencing all the pros and cons of being at a convention? With one of the girls being autistic, too? There was no way I could resist! As soon as I heard that this book existed, I wanted to read it. Badly. I knew I'd like it, and after reading it, I find that I do!...but not as much as I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, I do really like this book. It has many things that I not only like, but absolutely LOVE. One would think that this would end up being my number one favorite book of all time. However, as much as I like Queens of Geek, it unfortunately isn't a masterpiece. Like any form of media, it has plenty of flaws that prevent it from truly being great, which is a shame, because with a little tweaking and added polishing, it would be an absolutely amazing book.

So three friends Charlie (a girl, not a boy), Taylor, and Jamie all travel from Australia to America to attend their first ever convention, SupaCon. Charlie is a famous internet sensation whose vlogging and game reviews have catapulted her to being a movie star, and she's been invited as a guest to promote a sequel to a film she starred in. But she's having trouble getting past a rather nasty breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Reese. Taylor, her best friend, is an autistic woman who is often plagued with anxiety and easily overstimulated, but she is intent to have fun and meet her idol, Skyler Atkins, the writer of the Queen Firestone book series, of which Taylor is a huge fan. But when certain things don't go as planned, and some unexpected curveballs are thrown at them, Charlie, Taylor, and Jamie have to find ways to not only make the most of their short time at SupaCon, but try to deal with the things that are intent to bring their spirits down. Also, there's some good ol' romance thrown in for good measure. Because what's a contemporary YA novel without some romance, right?

(more to come soon)

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, including my own mother!

Pay Day Tomorrow!

Pay day is tomorrow! I can't wait! Tomorrow is also the day Anne With an E comes out on Netflix.

Two Days Off!

Finally! After working six days straight, I now have two days off! Woohoo! Now I can relax and watch some Lolirock and the 80s Anne of Green Gables movie!

Incident At Work

So...I tried to pull a rack of plants inside Lowe's to help my boss out, but the rack got caught in a crack in a slope, and everything fell on top of me, dirt, flowers, and all. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt. Only got super super dirty. Still annoying.

Pay Day Next Week!

My next pay day is next Friday. I can't wait! I'll keep working hard! Also, Discotek announced new licenses, and one of them is a movie I've been wanting to see, A Journey Through Fairyland! Yay!

Got Netflix

So...I finally started a Netflix account. $8 a month shouldn't be too bad now that I have a good paying job. I just wanna be able to watch LoliRock without the video freezing all the time.



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