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I give the newly made prequel to one of the most beloved books of all time...an 88/100!

Before I begin this review, I want to explain how I got into Anne of Green Gables. My journey into it is a tad different from others. I first learned about Anne Shirley and the books she starred in via an anime that came out in 2009, called Konnichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables, which is an adaptation of a book that came out the year before, Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson. I liked the anime, even if it did have its flaws, and when I found out there was a book, I went to the library, rented it, read it, liked it, and soon bought my own copy of Before Green Gables, with Anne of Green Gables coming soon after. Both books have their flaws, but I genuinely loved what they had to offer. Even their differences were interesting and appealing to me. I mean, sure, LM Montgomery didn't want to explore Anne's backstory in detail back during her time, and that was fine. But for what it's worth, I feel that the tale that Budge Wilson created, while not perfect, still has a lot of merit to it.

Unfortunately, others don't see it that way. I've honestly seen a lot of hate for Before Green Gables, a lot of which I feel is not only unfounded, but blown a bit too out of proportion. I've seen comments on Amazon, Goodreads, and even Fanfiction.net about how BGG is bad and shouldn't have been made. People were saying stuff like, "Oh, Wilson can't capture Montgomery's magic!" "Oh, Anne in BGG isn't anything like Anne in AoGG!" "Oh, there's so much that's inaccurate!" "Oh, the book is sooooo depressing, I can't bring myself to read it!" "Oh, this book was so totally unneccessary!" Other comments I've read were just ridiculous, one of which claimed that the book was condoning/excusing/romanticizing domestic abuse. I'm just reading them and I'm all like...seriously? Nothing's perfect! Adaptations always have flaws! What were you expecting?! Thus, with this review, I intend to give Before Green Gables the love I feel it deserves, because I feel it is very underrated and deserves more love, whether it's a good prequel to AoGG or not, or stands on its own merits.

(more to come soon)



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