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Whoa, a Shiny Popplio?!

Whoa! Someone just randomly gave me a high level shiny Popplio from the GTS! I have no idea how this happened! Still, yay!
AW YEAH! Mary and the Witch's Flower is showing in my area after all! Maybe Dad and I can actually go see it this weekend! I just need to figure out which times my local theater is playing it in English.

Goodbye Gemma + Mad at Mom

So...my mom dropped a bombshell. My sister apparently can't handle Gemma anymore, so she's giving her away to a friend. Now, originally, my sister and her boyfriend were going to raise Gemma together, and everything was alright. Then her boyfriend turned out to be a dick, got himself in trouble, and left her without doing a single thing for her. Unfortunately, my sister works hard during the day and most of that time Gemma is alone in the house. She doesn't want Gemma to live that kind of life, so she's made the hard choice to give Gemma away to a close friend of hers, who has plenty of dogs of her own, so Gemma can be happy, be cared for all the time, and have friends to play with. My mom told me about this just now, so in light of all that's happened, I don't blame Andrea for not being able to handle Gemma anymore. I mean, taking care of a puppy is hard. They require a lot of time and effort and commitment. Andrea works a ton of jobs that don't give her that kind of free time and feels bad that she can't be there for her dog, and her boyfriend certainly didn't help by doing all the crap that he did. Plus, at least Andrea's giving Gemma to a close friend, who's close by and whom she knows and trusts, so it's not like Gemma's going off to some stranger, and she can visit her when she can. That's some consolation. Andrea wants what's best for Gemma and doesn't want her spending her days locked in a crate all day. I can understand why she had to make this hard decision.

However, I still can't help but feel a lot of things. Andrea spent probably thousands of dollars for this dog, and then after five months, she just decides she can't take her anymore and gives her away. I know she's not doing it to be cruel, the opposite, actually, but...having a pet is a commitment. Pets are sentient beings. They're not toys you buy and then discard when you get bored with them. I haven't forgotten the time Andrea said she wanted to give Penny away several years ago because she couldn't handle her. Hey, puppies require a lot of work, but either you commit to it or you don't. I've seen people just discard their dogs for stupid reasons, like peeing on their XBox or because they weren't pure bred. I don't want Gemma to think my sister is abandoning her. It was bad enough watching my cat Reese be given away and still worrying about whether she's being treated well or not, because my mind constantly wants concrete answers for everything. I don't want vague, unsure answers from people who don't know anything. If you tell me Reese is being raised in a nice home, I want to visit that home and see for myself if that's true, not just believe it outright, but I know that's not possible because, 1. There's no such thing as private investigators who look for cats, and 2. I'm pretty sure if I did that, it'd be considered stalking. I'm conflicted about this because I care. I care about animals. I can't help but imagine how painful this must be for the animals, too, having a nice home and then suddenly being thrown into someplace they're not familiar with for what to them may be no reason. Animals are family and friends. They have feelings, too.

Unfortunately, I'm kinda mad at my mom right now because apparently she hates it when I get emotional about all of this--or anything at all, for that matter. She wants discussions to end but I want to continue them because I still feel there's a lot more that needs to be said and resolved. But she's not having any of it and wants me to get over it, thereby dismissing my feelings and anything else I had to say altogether. So, Mom, I'm sorry that my having feelings about the matter and actually caring is so freaking inconvenient to you! I know I'm the sentimental type, and I can't help but be emotional about this. What does she want me to do? Just take it in stride like some robot who doesn't react to anything? Does she not want me to express myself or feel empathy? I probably shouldn't say that. I know she doesn't. But I'm just so sick and tired of being told to just drop it or get over it or end of discussion! To me, being told to get over something is like being told that they either don't take me seriously at all or that any problems or feelings I have about anything don't matter. I absolutely hate that with every fiber of my being. I've told her this thousands of times and she still doesn't get it because she's not me. She's stubborn as a mule and always has been. I love her and all, but I can't stand her when she does that.

I've decided to type all this out here so I don't accidentally say something I'd regret to Mom in person. That's the last thing I want.

Oh, and there's an ambulance in front of my elderly neighbor's house. I hope Terry or Al are okay.

Today's been a crappy day overall.

My Book Finally Arrived!!!

Yes! Took it long enough! The book I ordered off Ebay three weeks ago FINALLY arrived! I don't know why it took so long. But it's here now! Yay!

Filing a Claim

So...I ordered a book off of Ebay three weeks ago. It was supposed to arrive between January 2nd and today. It never came. Screw it. I'm gonna file a claim so I can get a refund. This is stupid.

Firechick's Anime Reviews: Pop in Q

I give this little magical girl movie that flew under the radar...a 65/100.

My first anime review of the new year!...and it's about a movie that's actually kind of average and a hotbed of wasted potential.

(more to come soon)


Happy New Year!

Happy new year, guys! Welcome to 2018!

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

Today's New Year's Eve, so that means another year's come to an end, with the new one on the way.

And my goodness, 2017 has been an absolutely wonderful year for me personally. I've gotten involved in more fandoms, all of which have been very welcoming, understanding, kind, and patient. I've written more stories in more fandoms this year than I ever have before (Even though I wound up having to put my Pokemon fan fic on hold due to both writer's block and having inspiration for other stories I wanted to write). I've read lots of great books and played lots of great games and seen lots of great anime. I actually managed to spend most of the year working a very well paying seasonal job! I saved up a crap ton of money and managed to do so much more than I ever did before! I've met so many great people, both IRL and online, who have been so nice to me and helped me so much. Seriously, I really needed all of this, and I'm so glad everything had gone as well as it did.

Of course, I won't say 2017 was entirely good, especially for others that I know. Besides, Donald Trump is still president and apparently we're about to enter war with North Korea or something. I honestly hope we don't all die in the next few years because of Trump's colossal stupidity. Plus, we still lost some famous people who will be dearly missed. On the more personal side, I almost lost my dad because he suddenly developed three abdominal aortic aneurysms, which, thankfully, were surgically dealt with and taken care of, and now he's in perfect health. There are still stupid people on the internet who whine and complain about everything and nothing and love starting drama so they can make themselves feel superior. No year is ever truly perfect. But honestly, I'm glad I got to do and experience so much this year. This year has been an awesome one for me, and I'm happy with how everything turned out.

But I'm gonna try and make 2018 even better. I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I think it's high time I started doing something I've wanted to do for a long while: write a novel. I mean a real, genuine novel that I want to get published. I started planning it out, I've written outlines for the first few chapters in my notebook as of right now, and I've bookmarked a crap ton of publishers and agents I can contact should I finish it. I don't know if I'll succeed or not, since from what I hear, getting a book officially published is really hard to do. But I'm going to put in the effort anyway, because writing has always made me happy, and I've seen many of my stories affect others positively as well. If I can share my stories with the world and bring people joy with what I write, then that'll be good enough for me. So many stories have influenced me and made an impact on my life ever since I was a kid. I want to be able to do the same with my own work and hopefully bring some happiness and light to someone in their dark times. So I'm gonna work hard and write my first novel!

Here's hoping 2018 will be great!


2017 has been a pretty awesome year for anime movies. A Silent Voice, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, Mary and the Witch's Flower, Napping Princess, Lu Over The Wall, Your Name, etc. People have been churning out anime movies like crazy! One of them was In This Corner of the World, based on the manga by Fumiyo Kouno. Honestly, after having seen it, I think it's definitely one of the best animated movies I've seen. Better yet, I think it's one of the best war-time movies ever made, not only because it doesn't try super hard to yank the tears out of you and rely on cheap emotional manipulation tactics to make you care about the characters. Instead, it starts out small than builds up as it goes along, subtly showing what the characters are like and actually giving you a reason to care about them. Also, it's not depressing, unlike Grave of the Fireflies.

Just...go see it! Or read the manga. Both are available. And watch the English dub, while you're at it. Honestly, Suzu's Japanese voice actress can't act for the life of her.

Moment #1: Seeing/Reading In This Corner of the World.

When the movie Wolf Children was released, I remember being really excited to see it. I got to watch it, and I liked it...but it kind of gave me some uncomfortable feelings and reminded me of all the times I tried to tell my classmates about anime and they wound up making fun of me about it. So I never really touched it ever again. I got the DVD, but I never watched the English dub. Then, several years later, this article popped up on ANN, saying the artist who drew the Wolf Children manga, whose name is just Yu, died from an unspecified illness. I have to admit, some of the things her husband said left me misty-eyed. Plus, it didn't help that whenever I would go into my local Barnes and Noble, I would always, ALWAYS see that huge, hulking manga sitting on the shelf, like it was begging me to buy it. Suffice to say, I knew I had to return to Wolf Children sometime, so my mom bought me the manga for Christmas. I read it, and...I didn't get those uncomfortable feelings anymore. Now I just need to watch the movie in English.

Also, rest in peace, Yu.

Moment #2: Getting past my personal grievances with Wolf Children.



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