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Going to a Bridal Shower

I'll be away for the day. Going to a cousin's bridal shower.

Start Work Tomorrow!

My first real day at work is tomorrow! I'll probably be going through some training, but my hours are 7AM to 4PM, not 5AM like I feared. Woohoo! I do want to ask my boss about whether I got Thursdays and Fridays off or not. I'll do that tomorrow when I see her. But yay! I'll be able to work again!

I Start Work at 5AM?!

So...I just found out that my schedule requires me to go in at 5AM. Ohhhhhh boy.

I Got a New Job!!!!!

YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! It took me another few months, but I finally managed to land a new job! Again, it's a seasonal one, but yay! I have a job! I'm gonna work at my local Lowe's as a plant waterer! Eeeeeeeek!!! I am soooooooo happy! I have to go to orientation early tomorrow and it'll take a while, but God! Finally, I managed to land another job! Now I won't have to sit around the house and do nothing!!! Woohoo!!!!

Happy Autism Awareness Month!

Happy Autism Awareness Month! I'll probably update Love Feels Like Home this month or write a oneshot or something.

Selling My Pokemon Yellow Cartridge

Well, after giving it some thought, I've decided to sell my Pokemon Yellow cartidge on Ebay. Anyone interested in buying it? Here's the link if you want to have a look.

Firechick's Anime Reviews: Nyanko Days

I give this adorable short anime about moe cats...a 68/100.

(more to come soon)

I give Harvest Moon's 20th anniversary game...an 82/100!

(more to come soon!)

Windows Getting Fixed Today

Some people are coming by my house to fix two of our windows today.

Completed Lily Princess!

I finally got through all the routes in A Little Lily Princess! Better get to working on writing out the rest of the review!



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