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Fan Fiction Ask Meme

1. What was your first fic and could you stand to reread it today?
2. What’s your most recent fic and how far do you think you’ve come?
3. In your opinion, what’s your best fic?
4. In your opinion and without looking at any numbers, what’s your most popular fic?
5. Is there any fic that makes you super happy to reread and remember you wrote that?
6. Is there any fic that makes you super embarrassed to reread and remember you wrote that?
7. What’s the fic you most want to continue (unfinished or no)?
8. What’s the oldest (longest since last update) fic you most want to continue (unfinished or no)?
9. Have you ever written for a fandom without watching/reading/playing the source material?
10. Have you ever written for a fandom without reading other fanfic for it?
11. Have you ever written a fic for a concept you know someone else has done before? How did it impact your writing process or feelings after posting?
12. Have you ever written a fic and decided never to publish it? Why?
13. What’s the biggest change between your style when you started in fandom and today?
14. What’s the biggest change in your taste between when you started in fandom and today?
15. Have you ever purposefully written one fandom/fic idea over another because you knew it’d be more popular?
16. Have you ever stopped writing a fic/for a fandom because it wasn’t receiving enough attention?
17. In your opinion, what’s your most overrated fic?
18. What’s your most underrated fic?
19. If you had to pick one fic/scene/chapter of your work to describe your entire portfolio to a stranger, which would you pick?
20. Have/Would you ever rewrite a fic? If yes, would you take the original down?
21. If someone starts kudosing and commenting your fics in a spree and has a few works of their own, would you go look through theirs?
22. Has there ever been anyone who’s made you freak out because they read your work and followed/favorited/reviewed?
23. What’s the nicest review you’ve ever gotten?
24. What’s the meanest review you’ve ever gotten? Do you think the reviewer intended it?
25. What constructive criticism, however well-meaning, always makes you feel bad when you see it in a review?
26. What aspect of your writing do you most enjoy to see praised?
27. If you could only ever write crossovers or single-fandom fics ever again, which would you pick?
28. if you could only ever write for a single crossover or a single fandom again, which would you pick?
29. Does the division of your writing across fandoms line up with your reading? What’s the biggest discrepancy?
30. Do you continue to write for a fandom after you’ve moved on or do you focus solely on the new one?
31. Who’s the one character you’ve just never managed to get perfectly right?
32. Who’s the one character who shines without you even trying?
33. Is there any particular character whose scenes always wind up being longer/more frequent than you expected? Does the quality hold up?
34. Was there any fic that you wrote that really surprised you in the fandom reaction? Was it just by the numbers or did they take it an entirely different way?
35. Have you ever written a ship into a fic without meaning to?
36. Have you ever sincerely written a ship you do not support into a fic?
37. Have you ever purposefully bashed a character/ship in a fic?
38. Have you ever purposefully written something you know your readers would find uncomfortable/would not enjoy? If yes, why?
39. Do you consider yourself to have a readership?
40. Do you feel like you put out enough content?
41. If you cross-post your fics on multiple sites, do you have a favorite? Are there certain fics you would only post on certain site?
42. How many views has your most popular fic gotten?
43. Your least popular?
44. Do you follow/favorite/kudos/comment/review more stories than you have received?
45. If you had to call yourself an author of a single genre (besides fanfic) what label would you give yourself?
46. Do you consider yourself a diverse author?
47. If someone you know in real life who isn’t involved in fandoms asked to read your work, would you let them? If yes, what would you recommend they read first?
48. Does anyone you know from outside of fandom know you write fanfic? Are they involved in the same fandom too?
49. Has anyone in your life ever read your fanfic just because you wrote it?
50. Has writing fanfic had a significant impact on your life? Would you say it’s entirely positive?

I give the very first farming simulation game...a 65/100.

Most people who play video games like them for the action and for being able to kill monsters and save the world. Others like more simple fare, like low key visual novels or games where you can just relax and not worry about fighting monsters or saving the world. Harvest Moon is one such game. Back in the late 1990s, people didn't think a game about farming, socializing, and marrying a pretty woman would sell well. Who would want to play a game about farming, they said? But one localization company, Natsume, brought Harvest Moon over, and from Harvest Moon 64 onward, the game had a steady hold here in America. Even now, new games are coming out every other year, though now that Natsume doesn't own the Bokujo Monogatari series, XSEED is releasing it under the name Story of Seasons. Now, I was born in 1993 so I never played a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES. I mostly played handheld games on every incarnation of the GameBoy after the GameBoy Color, and even then I only played Pokemon or Kirby games. I only recently got into Harvest Moon and only just this year played the original on the Wii U's Virtual Console. I definitely don't regret it, though as of now, it is VERY primitive and dated.

The story is about as simple as you can get. You play as a farmer whose grandfather recently died, and you inherited his farm. Your job is to clean up the farm, grow some crops and sell them to make money, raise livestock (only chickens and cows), upgrade your house, and then find a woman you can marry and have a family with. Since you only play as a boy, you can choose between five girls: Nina, the cheerful florist, Ellen, a kind, friendly girl who works with animals and whose family runs the restaurant, Maria, the mayor's daughter and faithful churchgoer, Eve, the flirty barmaid, and Ann, a rough, tomboyish inventor who loves making tools. But even if you don't marry a girl, the game has many different endings you can access. You can become a successful chicken farmer, a cow farmer, or you can womanize all the girls but never marry them, or you can even end the game just slacking off and doing nothing, though that one takes a LOT of effort. Unlike later HM games where you can play for as long as you want without a specific end point, the original here ends after two-and-a-half in-game years.

The gameplay is also as simple as you can get. All you really do is use tools and talk to people, that's it. The storyline is also pretty simple, where you just own a farm and start a family until the end of the third summer and that's it. There's only one way you can get a girl to like you and that's constantly giving them gifts they like every day. For example, Nina loves flowers and perfume, and Ellen likes milk and eggs. Unlike later Harvest Moon games, there are no heart events, and the characters are pretty barebones and one-dimensional. They have very little personality and don't really do much, so they stay the same even after you marry them. The side characters are even worse, as they don't even have any names, much less even the most basic personality traits. So...yeah, as far as characterization, gameplay, and story goes, Harvest Moon SNES is pretty barebones and primitive, even by today's standards.

Also, unlike other Harvest Moon games, you're only able to grow crops during just two seasons, spring and summer, not all four seasons. During the fall and winter, you can't plant any crops, so if you don't have a steady supply of cows and chickens that make milk and eggs, your income is going to be very limited, especially if you want to upgrade your house. Also, upgrading your house is absolutely needed if you want to marry a girl, and if you upgrade your house once before the first summer ends, you can get a watch which tells you the time. However, that is the only way to be able to tell the time, and you HAVE to do it before summer of year 1 ends, otherwise, you're not gonna be able to tell what time it is. Time itself also goes pretty fast, so you won't have a lot of time to do what you want. Thankfully, it's not as bad as Harvest Moon 64's super fast time passage, so that hasn't been a problem for me. There also isn't much to do outside the farm, especially once you get married, so you have a lot of time on your hands, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing.

Let's face it, Harvest Moon SNES is a pretty bland and barebones game. But that being said, do I hate the game? No, I don't. I like it, and I still play it from time to time, even if I do prefer games like Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Heck, some people I know say that the newest Harvest Moon games have TOO much to do and consider that a bad thing. Honestly, I'd rather have too much to do than nothing at all. Even so, if we didn't have this game, the Harvest Moon series as we know it probably wouldn't exist, so I can at least respect the legacy that it's left. It's not a great game, but I still find it pretty enjoyable and I intend on playing more of it, namely to access the other endings and marry other bachelorettes. The art style is pretty good and the music is fun and catchy as well, especially the spring time music, which is my favorite. Even if the original Harvest Moon isn't the best game ever, it still did manage to bring a famous franchise into the open, so who can fault it for setting the groundwork for the games we love?

Not the best HM game, but still a pretty fun game and without it, Harvest Moon wouldn't be here. Feel free to play it if you just wanna sit back, relax, and kill some time.

Got Secret of Mana!

It took me a while, but I finally managed to buy Secret of Mana off the Wii Virtual Console!...via the Wii U, that is. Now all I need is for the Wii Classic Controller to arrive and I'll be good to go!

Computer's Fixed

Good news: My computer's back to working, and...I CAN FINALLY PLAY TALES OF ZESTIRIA WITHOUT THE LAGGING PROBLEMS!!! WOOHOO!!! Now I don't have to hijack Dad's computer just to play it! And World's Dawn, too!

Bad news: The new processor Dad bought didn't work. We tried replacing the fans. Nope. We tried another processor and graphics card. Nope. We tried airing the dust out. Nope. My computer case just kept running too hot. No matter what Dad tried, nothing seemed to work, and we had some huge meltdowns just trying to work on it. Eventually, he resorted to just installing the processor and graphics card onto a motherboard he had in his basement and gave me that instead, which thankfully works. The only downsides are that it has Windows 10 instead of 7 and that Microsoft Word won't install on it. But I can deal with those no problem. I'll just have to learn to use OpenOffice.

I'd be a lot happier about this...but both me and Dad are unhappy. Dad's been mad all day since working on the computer really got him riled up, and I'm sad because I feel it's my fault that he's gotten this way. All that started because I asked for a new processor and graphics card. Maybe if I had just kept my mouth shut and been grateful for what I had, he wouldn't have had those massive anxiety attacks the way he did. He keeps telling me it's not my fault, but I still feel like I do nothing but cause trouble for him and everyone else around me.

Going to Grandma's

So...yeah, still have computer problems, still have to use my Dad's compy. Oh well. I won't be around much today because my family and I are going to visit my grandmother and other relatives today. But my dad says he's going to try and get my computer running tomorrow, come heck or high water. I really hope he succeeds, for his sake and mine. I don't want him to hurt himself or get himself frustrated because of me.

But in other news, I FINALLY MANAGED TO UPDATE MY POKEMON FAN FIC AFTER NEARLY EIGHT MONTHS!!! Woohoo!!! Thankfully, the next chapter won't take nearly as long to churn out! Look forward to more MarJour in the coming months! I'm just sorry for the massively long delay. But I will get it finished no matter what!

Too Much Going On...Ugh!

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't been around much. Life happened. Computer problems happened, so I'm using my dad's right now. I feel like an idiot because of stupid stuff, and now I'm angry at everything and I don't want to be. Uuuuuuugh!!!!

Job To End Soon

Well, I suppose it was inevitable. I met with my HR manager at my job, and she informed me, and a bunch of other people, that my last day will be September 29th. I'm not too bummed about getting let go. It was a seasonal job after all, so I never kept my hopes up, and I'm at least happy that she said it was going to be due to a lack of positions rather than anything I did. In fact, she and the other managers really loved the work I did. Plus, I have two months to go, so I'm glad she informed me ahead of time. Now I can prepare for the future ahead. I sure am glad I started saving my money when I did.

Jury Duty? Me?!

So...I got a letter in the mail. I've been summoned to go to jury duty. My answer is: No. I'm not going. Ever. In my life. I refuse to go to jury duty. Why me? Why can't these people pick someone who actually wants to go? I don't see why I have to be roped into something that has nothing to do with me, and no, I'm not gonna buy into the whole "But it's your civic duty!" crap. As soon as my parents teach me how to properly refuse, I'm getting on it as soon as possible. If they so much as force me to go or even bribe me to go, I'm not gonna stand for it. Not even if they paid me a million bucks.

I give this small book about a boy and his friendship with a Native American...an 82/100.

One time, when I was in elementary school, one of my classes watched a movie. It was about a boy living all alone in a house while his family went to do some stuff, and during that time, the boy became friends with some Native Americans, one of them being the same age as he. I didn't remember much about it save for two scenes: The family trying to get back home but the horse wasn't able to go farther for some reason, the father shooting the horse, and the daughter crying over the horse. I also remembered a scene at the end where the Native American boy leaves his dog for the boy as a sign of his friendship before leaving permanently. I had completely forgotten about it until I discovered information on a book called The Sign of the Beaver. It had the EXACT same premise, but I didn't know for sure if there was a movie on it. And sure enough, there was! Only it was called Keeping The Promise, and the scenes showing the family themselves were exclusive only to the movie.

(more to come soon)

Goof Stuff

So...there's been some stuff happening, mostly good.

1. Books! I got lots and lots of books today!
2. Work's been good so far, though it's been winding down a lot since the end of the season is coming near.
3. SorMik Week is happening on Tumblr, and I already contributed to it so far! Still need to update my other fics, though.



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