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Firechick's Winter 2013 Anime Picks

...well, pick, as all the other shows aren't that interesting to me.

1. Tamako Market
Holy shrimp! Like two other people I know, I actually enjoyed this! From the looks of it, it doesn't look like it's going to be another plain ol' cute girls doing cute things moeblob anime like KyoAni's been doing since K-On. Hey, KyoAni's actually doing something different for once! Yahoo! Tamako and her sister are cute, the characters aren't stereotypes, the cast is varied, and that bird is pretty funny. Seriously, a sneeze is a declaration of love in his world?! Ha ha ha! How can you go wrong with that?! I wish I could watch this show all the way through, but I can't because I have to go back to school next week and I'll be stuck with my dad's horrible laptop. But two things about the first episode alone are pretty jarring. One: YET ANOTHER DEAD MOTHER! Come on! Can't we do something different once in a while?! Can't her mother be in prison or divorced from the family or something?! That dead horse has been beaten since the beginning of time! That and...Tamako tells her friends that the bird is choking, yet a guy smacks her back like she's the one choking! Um, if she was choking, she would have trouble talking, and she would be writhing and holding onto her neck in agony. HOW CAN ANYONE BE SO STUPID AS TO NOT SEE SIGNS OF CHOKING STARING THEM RIGHT IN THE FACE?!? But that aside, this is cute, and I'll definitely watch more episodes when spring break rolls around.

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