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Firechick's Anime Reviews: Gravitation

I give this, a 67/100

Yeah. I watched this when I had Comcast. It was a long time ago (like, what? Maybe 4-5 years?), but I do remember it. A lot of my friends really liked it. Out of pure curiosity, I decided to watch it as the episodes came on! This is the ONLY shounen-ai (possibly yaoi) anime I've EVER watched (though ironically enough I'm writing a shounen-ai/yaoi story!), and I've NEVER read Maki Murakami's original manga, or the sequel, though I did read the two light novels by Jun Lennon. Unfortunately, when I look at it now, it WAS rather bland and stereotypical.

So the story's about a boy named Shuichi Shindo who aspires to form a band with his friends and be like his favorite idol, Ryuichi Sakuma. He loses his lyrics and a guy named Eiri Yuki returns them to him...but not before telling him it's the worst thing he's ever seen. This makes Shuichi go nuts. But then they start running into each other more and more...and having feelings for each other neither of them ever expected. But the music industry can be both good and bad, and there's one particular person who wants to get Shuichi out of his way. The HARD way.

Well, there isn't really much to say about this one. In terms of the production values, the animation looks kinda dull to me. Sure it was made in 2000 and it looks nice at points, but that's pretty much all it does. Make stuff look nice. There isn't much movement and there are a lot of wasted frames as far as I remember. I liked the concert scenes, but those were the only things that got my attention. The soundtrack is very nice, with nice songs and all. But the BGMs don't really stand out.
The characters...they're pretty much a mixed bag. The only person I felt got the most development and backstory was Yuki. He was actually cool. Shuichi...he's kinda the most stereotypical uke out there. Short, scrawny, cute-looking, helpless-looking, and is just an annoying brat. But he isn't TOTALLY helpless and is willing to take on any challenge given to him. That's one stereotype subverted! But the rest of the, they could've done more with them. They just never went anywhere for me.
Thankfully enough, there WERE scenes that I liked, like the parts where Yuki stood up to Taki Aizawa and his lackies after hearing about what they did to Shuichi, Yuki's backstory, and Ryuichi Sakuma (Na no da!) is just adorable! But they weren't enough to save this show. All in all, Gravitation isn't anything really special. In my opinion, at least.

Also, another reason for putting it rather low is entirely personal. This is the anime that made me sensitive to opening myself up to people about anime unless they already know about it. A little story: I was watching episode 2 of this once, and my sister happened to walk in and watched a bit with me. She kinda figured out immediately that the characters are gay and right before the scene ended, she was mad. She kept yelling, "WHY are you watching this stuff!? Turn it off!" I tried to push her out but she kicked me out of the living room. I remember her saying "You shouldn't be watching this stuff!" Partly it was because of her wanting to watch another show, but I got the impression that she thought that I was watching something that I shouldn't be. I mean, COME ON! The episode didn't even have any blatant sex scenes in it, let alone any at all! I told my dad about it much later and he thinks that she was concerned about my well-being or something like that, but I thought she was just getting the wrong idea about the shows I watch. That's why I DO NOT like telling people about anime unless they already about it. I don't want to be even more misunderstood than I already am, and I'm horrid at explaining things!
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