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Back in NJ. Me is angry!

I'm back in NJ, so that means back to school and homework...and the fact that I just found out that my dad got a ticket for turning on red and my sister telling him I treat her like a slave! I DO NOT treat her like a slave, and I certainly don't want to either!! I tell her thanks and that I appreciate everything she does for me! If I DID treat her like a slave, I'd be saying things like "Do this, do that, go here, go there, don't talk back to me, know your place, this isn't right, do it perfectly!" and I'd be bad and ungrateful! I am NOT like that! Does she really think I'm THAT bad of a person?! It's bad enough she continually misinterprets everything I say and do as rude and bad when I don't mean it to be, but...ugh!! I wish she'd let me say something to her once in a while and actually listen and not jump to wild conclusions about it! She wonders why I try not to rely on her for anything or tell her anything!!

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