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My Top 11 Favorite English Anime Dubs

I've watched plenty of English dubs, ever since I was a kid to be exact, though it was mostly fare like Pokemon, Digimon, Hamtaro, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Mew Mew Power. But now that I've seen a few English dubs, I've complied a list of my favorites! (No, Cowboy Bebop isn't on here. This list is only limited to what I've seen)

10. Shounen Onmyouji (Geneon Entertaiment)

9. Tsuritama (Sentai Filmworks)

8. Durarara (Aniplex USA)

7. Figure 17 (Media Blasters)

6. Ouran High School Host Club (FUNimation Entertainment)

5. Sasami Magical Girls Club (FUNimation Entertainment)

4. Nabari no Ou (FUNimation Entertainment)

3. Haibane Renmei (Geneon Entertainment)

2. Summer Wars (FUNimation Entertainment)

1. Dog of Flanders (Geneon Entertainment)
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