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Something weird happened today

Earlier today, something weird happened. I was walking my sister's dog Penny in the front yard until someone pulled into my next door neighbor's driveway. When the guy came out, Penny barked at him but I scolded her. He said he came to clean someone's gutter and that someone was named Darren. I told him there was no such person here. After I answered his question in regards to whether the house I was standing in front of was where I lived, he then asked me "Where's your husband?" I told him I wasn't married and went to get my dad. He came out and talked to the guy. I don't know what he said to him as I had already took Penny off the leash and went back to the computer. He went away, thankfully. I was sure he had gotten the wrong address and really didn't know where he was, but my mom and dad think the whole thing sounds fishy. I didn't get to tell my dad about being asked whether I was married, because he already went into the shower before I could tell him. Well, hope something like that doesn't happen again!

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