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Firechick's Manga Reviews: Nabari no Ou

I give this awesome ninja manga...a 88/100.

Oh lordy, how this manga is a nostalgia bomb for me! I was originally going to review this once I bought the rest of the volumes, but I managed to finish them and the series thanks to renting them from my neighboring school's library! I remember when the manga was first coming out. I was very into the anime back then, around my sophomore year of high school, and I didn't start the anime until long after the series aired...and I remembered starting it and wound up watching six episodes in a week! Then, once I finished that, FUNimation released the DVD sets and I have both of them! But then the manga began getting released by Yen Press, and seeing how I was very into Nabari no Ou thanks to it having an actual plot and not being Naruto, I decided to check it out...and now that I've completed it, I must say that the manga, while it is very awesome, does leave a lot of things to be desired.

Miharu Rokujo is just a kid who lives his life rather nonchalantly. He acts indifferent to everything, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

(more to come soon)
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