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No Fall 2013 Choices This Year.

I won't be watching any fall 2013 (new) anime this year. Two reasons:

1. School. Tests. Too much. Ugh. Biggest problem. Blehhhhh.
2. Most of the new anime coming out this year are either bland, uninteresting, or downright bad. There is one that looks interesting but could easily turn out bad if I'm not looking. More into further down.
3. Pokemon X and Y.

But I will be watching these!

1. Digimon Adventure 02
I saw this when I was young, and it's re-airing right now, so why not? Though I really don't like Davis much.

2. Pokemon The Origin
It's an anime completely based on the games, without Ash in it! How could I resist?! And I'm already impressed by what I've seen so far!

3. Magical Idol Pastel Yumi
I like its premise...but so far, it's cheesy, and I could really do without all the copious amounts of undie shots. Really?

Not sure:

1. Nagi no Asukara
I'm still debating whether I want to watch Nagi to Asukara or not. It sounds interesting, and its setting just came right out of nowhere (at first, all it revealed was it had two main characters, the girl being a crybaby, but now it's suddenly about water people living on Earth! What?!), but it's going for 26 episodes and I'm afraid of running into characters that'll annoy the heck out of me. I'll wait until more comes out to see. I don't want to end up with another Kiniro Mosaic or a K-On...or even another Hanasaku Iroha!

2. Gingitsune
I didn't pay much attention to this before, but a lot of people are saying that it's really cute and sweet. But I'm not sure if I want to watch it yet. I'll wait until more comes out and I'm less overburdened with school.
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