joyousmenma93 (joyousmenma93) wrote,

Thoughts on Digimon Fusion episode 10

I didn't get to watch today's episode, but I FINALLY got around to watching last week's episode.

1. They made Frontier callbacks! Like giving that one PawnChessmon a German accent JUST like that one Trailmon, and they gave IceDevimon a heavy surfer's accent! I thought those were funny!
2. I love Bastemon's voice. Who does her voice?
3. The music was pretty good this time around.
4. I love that they gave Knightmon talk Shakespearian. That was awesome!

1. Why did they change Bastemon's name to Beastmon? Bast is the Egyptian lord of cats. There's nothing bad about it!
2. Okay...they bother to give young Taiki a baby voice when he cries, yet they KEEP his normal voice actor for when he talks?! Okay, talk about inconsistent! Seriously, Saban! Why would you be so dumb as to NOT give young Taiki a little boy voice?! You can't have a deep voiced kid have a high pitched cry! That makes no freaking sense!!! That does NOT happen in real life! God, Saban is so stupid at times!

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