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12 Moments in Anime, #1: Personal Evolution

As of now, I completed my first semester at a different college. I've endured so much emotional and personal stress and trauma over the past few years starting in late 2011. I've moved to a new house. I'm separated from everything I know and love, like friends and people I've come to know and love in both high school and college. I changed my major from art to Japanese. I've only made one good friend so far this semester. Yet...I've managed to survive it all. Why? Anime, of course!

Starting from 2010 onward, I began devouring an obscene amount of anime. Yes, that has its issues, but I'm proud of where I've come as a fan. I now know my preferences of which anime and manga I like, am starting to know a lot of voice actors (English, Japanese, and even Spanish, Italian, French, and German!), am starting to develop a knowledge of studios, directors, and composers, and have embraced the fact that anime can truly take you away from reality. I started my MAL account about two years ago and have utilized it greatly. It has become a great help in helping me remember how far I've gotten in an anime or manga, that way I won't forget or accidentally watch the wrong episode or read the wrong volume! I've started my own LiveJournal so I can talk about whatever I want (not that anyone cares or reads it, which makes it all the more okay!). I've found friends who like me for who I am thanks to anime, even more so thanks to college, which for the first four semesters was the best thing to ever happen to me (except for the second semester when I was deprived of anime club due to my inability to drive and my sister's job). I've been going to whatever conventions I can have access to (plan on going to Colossalcon next year. I wish I went to Otakon this year so I could meet Yoko Kanno!!!) since June of 2006. I've made lots of great friends, both in real life and online thanks to it, and they've all been kind to me in ways that are indescribable. I know my top favorite anime. I've been watching since I was a kid, and I have never looked back, nor do I plan to.

I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for anime and manga.

Moment #1: Finding my anime fandom and evolving from there.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

(I better get the Tsuritama DVDs for Christmas, along with Wolf Children and more Pokemon Special volumes!!!)
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