joyousmenma93 (joyousmenma93) wrote,

Precure fanmade mascot character design: HELP!

I normally don't do this, but I need help with something. See, I'm working slowly on a fan made Pretty Cure fan fic. I have the general plot line down, the characters, the villains, what content I want to put in, that sort of thing. But I'm having a bit of trouble with one little thing: the ribbon color for one of my mascots. I can't seem to decide which color ribbon/bow tie will differentiate her from other already existing Precure mascots (especially ones like Milk, Choppy, or Sharuru).

I'm torn between five colors: purple, dark yellow, light orange, reddish purple, and beige. I know that her skin is going to be pale pink, the darker parts of her skin will be red, like Mipple from the first Pretty Cure series, and her eyes will be purple. There's no poll here since I can't do polls to save my life. Help me decide which color ribbon is better and which one makes her look more original please!

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