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Eight Crazy Nights...ugh.

I saw this movie on TV when I was younger, thinking it was a funny kids movie. I barely remembered it afterward. In fact, I forgot about it! Just a month ago, the Nostalgia Critic reviewed it. Becoming curious, I decided to see if the movie is really as bad as he and other critics say.

And they were RIGHT. I was completely flabbergasted by what the movie had that I either never noticed or forgot about.

Cursing! Blatant gross out humor that's NOT censored! Deer doing nothing but be cute and poop! A guy who's voice is more grating than Elmo! An unlikable main character! Ugh...I LIKED THIS?! I...I don't even...if you'll excuse me, I'm going to bleach my childhood and erase this piece of garbage from my memory.

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