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First Impressions: Happiness Charge Precure!

Out of impulse, I finally got to watch the first episode.

-God, I'm SO glad they didn't play up Hime's brattiness. It came off more like venting than being a brat, which, for a girl in her position, I can totally understand. I have those days too, and I tend to act like that too.
-I'm quite pleasantly surprised by Cure Fortune's attitude. But I find it refreshing, as it might create some well needed tension when she actually joins the group.
-Is it just me, or does the Phantom Empire look like Candyland?
-I love how genre savvy everybody is and the fact that even normal people know about Pretty Cure now.
-Megumi seems like a sweet character. I'd like to see more of her.
-The voice acting is quite subdued so far. Other than Hime, nobody sounds squeaky or overly moe.
-The transformation scenes are very gorgeous and well animated!
-I LOVE Glasan so far! Her voice sounds cool!

-The art style looks really cloudy and cartoony, and the exaggerated facial expressions don't seem to sit well with me for some reason. It worked in Heartcatch though. Maybe it'll grow on me.
-Some of the character designs bother me too. Why does Queen Mirage look like a combination of Regina and a bug type Pokemon? And why does her outfit look really round and childish? For a queen, you'd think she'd look more regal and elegant and threatening a la Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.
-Ribbon is kind of annoying so far. But to be fair, I like how she's a bit more competent than Hime.
-The mascots SNEEZE in order for the PreCards to come out? That's new. But why does the whole process look a LOT like the Heart Seed making from Heartcatch? I know they share the same director and all, but can't you come up with your own ideas instead of ripping off from other parts of the franchise?
-I didn't like the whole "Master" thing with Megumi and Hime. Better yet, I don't like how some of the conversations were handled. They don't seem like things real kids their age would talk about. Splash Star handled that aspect great.
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