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I'm sick of this!!!

Okay. I've just about had it. I am SO sick and tired of my mom always turning nice conversations into woe-is-me conversations! I swear, she's TRYING to make it sound like me and dad are treating her like some 1950s housewife who does nothing but cook and clean and always complains about how we don't help out, yet she doesn't even acknowledge it WHEN WE DO DO NICE THINGS FOR HER!! She doesn't even say thank you when we DO help her out!! Always complaints!! "Nobody ever helps me out around here!" "Do all this yourself! I'm not the maid!" "Would it kill you to vacuum once a week?!" God, I'm tired of her playing the victim and I seriously WANT to call her out on it, but I'm afraid she'll take it the wrong way. But seriously, she needs to quit with the victim act and acknowledge that we DO try to help out whenever we can and quit complaining!! If she wants to go out and hang out with friends, fine! Go! Have fun! More power to you! But quit acting like you're the only one who's suffering here!!!

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