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Twilight Pretty Cure written up OP sequence

After reading Friendshipbeam's written up second opening of her fan fic Blue Moon on Precure Fan Works, I decided to try one myself for my own fan series, Twilight Pretty Cure. It probably sucks beyond belief. I haven't come up with the song yet.

Opening Theme: Let The Light Shine! by Two-Mix


[A light flashes in the sky. The hands of Cures Twilight, Starlight, Dawn, and Dusk try to grab it but it evades their grasp.]

Pretty Cure!

[They turn toward the camera, smile, and fly toward the light. The logo appears in front.]

Let the light shine!

[Riko's house. She's drawing pictures in her living room while her TV is playing an anime. Moonbeam watches her with interest, as the cats chase each other around. Rina walks in and gives Riko a mean look, which Riko ignores.]

[Hotaru's backyard. Night. Hotaru adjusts her telescope and looks up at the night sky longingly, gazing at the twinkling stars with Starbeam by her side.]

[Marina's basement. She beats up a punching bag while Sunbeam brings in a home cooked meal she made.]

[An unknown meadow. Anzu plays her harmonica on a bench and admires the trees and flowers around her. Some birds fly overhead.]

[Kyoya's house. Kyoya and Lovebeam squabble over a messy pile of Avengers comic books.]

[Rozaniela. Queen Malgorzata rides an alicorn toward her planet with a jousting sword in hand, facing Zenjin, eyes glowing a bloody red, surrounded by a black aura.]

[Decebal and Beileag wear flashy costumes and perform on a stage, applauded by an audience.]

[The girls are in a dark void. They grab their respective Heart Lighters and transform into Pretty Cure with the fairies at their sides.]

[Cure Twilight unleashes a Twilight Masquerade on Zenjin, who evades it and fires a beam at her. Cure Starlight and Decebal are sword fighting, but Decebal has his rapier and Cure Starlight her naginata. Cure Dawn unleashes a Golden Dawn Explosion and Cure Dusk a Mandarin Dusk Inferno on an army of Corrupt Sentinels and black Transparent, sending them all flying or disappearing into thin air.]

[A young, battered Zenjin--about ten--huddled in a corner, is watching the camera as it zooms in on him, with a petrified expression. He screams as he explodes in blazing black flames, and out comes forth the current Zenjin, with shining red eyes and a murderous smile. The image of Zenjin fades into their fortress. Beileag appears, with her hands on her chest, opening her eyes with a dejected expression, like she's about to cry.]

[The LuminousQ girls unleash a Dazzling Gleam attack, sending a Corrupt Sentinel flying.]

[The girls, fairies, and Kyoya are in front of Riko's house, happy to see each other.]

[They fly toward Rozaniela. They all become encased in a white light, which takes up the entire screen.]

[The girls and fairies find themselves surrounded by angels of light who welcome them with smile and point to a shining light in the sky. They chase after it excitedly. The scene pans up to the light, along with angels and alicorns flying toward it.]
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