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Twilight Pretty Cure, Episode 2, Part 2

At about 8:00 PM, Riko went to take a bath. She got pretty dirty during the fight with Marina’s corrupted soul, so she really needed one. She was surprised Rina didn’t mock her for how dirty she was. After that, she put on her pajamas (tonight’s pair being a pale pink color with long sleeves, long pants, and with little white flowers dotted all over it), played with Moonbeam and Sunbeam some more, then went back into the bathroom to blow dry her hair with the hair dryer. Rina kept banging on the door, telling her to hurry up as she needed to get in there to brush her teeth, but Riko preferred taking her time. Once she was done, she brushed her teeth and got out. Rina shot something at her like, “Why do you gotta be so slow?! Other people need to use the bathroom, y’know!” but Riko paid her no heed. At least Moonbeam and Sunbeam are a lot nicer and more understanding than she is. After that, she, Moonbeam, and Sunbeam went to bed to sleep the night away.

Riko figured she could forget about what she experienced today and be lost in her pleasant, happy dreams...or so she thought. Instead, her dreams were plagued with images she didn’t want to see, namely angry faces of people she once encountered in the past. Faces and images she didn’t want to see, angry voices she didn’t want to hear, and realities she didn’t want to face.

Like the citizens from yesterday. Their angry voices and calumny echoed in her head. She wanted them to stop, but they just wouldn’t.

“It’s all your fault! Why’d you have to deprive them of their homes?! Huh?!”

“I’ll bet you did that to show off and pretend to be some sort of hero!”

“We don’t want you here if this is what you’re gonna do on a regular basis!”

“Rebuild their homes immediately! Oh, yeah! That’s right! You can’t! Because you’re stupid and selfish!”

“Go away, you freak!”

“You’re a menace to our city!”

“You’ll get us all killed!”

Zenjin’s voice came right after. “You’re trash!! You don’t deserve to exist, you trash!! You’re born trash and you will die trash!!”

Voices from the past.

“You should know better! You’re sick!”

“Retard! Retard!”

“Aren’t you a little old to be acting so childish and stupid?”

“Do us all a favor and grow up!”

“You’ll never have any friends if you keep acting like that.”

“It’s because you keep acting like that everyone hates you, you stupid retard!”

“It’s not appropriate for middle schoolers to play pretend. Don’t you have more important things to worry about?”

“You need to control that brat of yours! I’ve never seen such a troublesome, ill-behaved child! The worst I’ve ever seen, even! It’s obvious you don’t discipline her correctly!”

“What’s wrong, retard cat?! Gonna pretend you’re a cat super hero again?!”

“We don’t like retards like you walkin’ ‘round on our turf, yo!”

“Dirty freak!”

“Why don’t you grow up already?! You’re too old to be playing pretend games! And you wonder why you don’t have any friends!”

“NO!” With a yelp, she awoke, alarmed by the voices plaguing her dreams. Much to her surprise, it’s still dark out. She looked at her clock and found that it’s 3:05 AM. She saw Moonbeam and Sunbeam sleeping in their new little bed contentedly, like they didn’t hear her at all. With a smile, she went back to her bed and back to sleep. This time, she had nicer dreams.

But reality had to be faced the next morning, even though she really didn’t want to face it right now. Riko woke up, ate breakfast, got her lunch ready, and put some clothes on. Today’s outfit consists of a long sleeved, soft, pale pink cardigan over a white ruffled shirt, dark blue jean pants, and white ankle socks with light green stars all over them.

“Are you going to school?” Moonbeam asked.

“Yeah. I really don’t want to though. I wish I could stay here with you. But when I’m gone, you HAVE to be quiet and act like stuffed animals or else everyone here might find out what you really are,” Riko told them with a smile.

“Not to worry! We’ll be super duper quiet! Not only that, we were kinda planning on going out and looking for our other sisters, so we won’t be here anyway,” Sunbeam piped in cheerfully.

“But you’re injured. Shouldn’t you rest?” Riko asked curiously, concerned for their safety, as she opened her bedroom window for the fairies to fly out of.

“They don’t hurt as bad as before. Plus if we keep a low profile and not move around so much, the other humans won’t notice us, so we’ll be fine. You run along to school, Riko-chan,” Moonbeam told her with a sweet smile. Riko couldn’t help but find her absolutely adorable.

“Okay. Bye girls!” Riko said as she grabbed a manga and dashed out of her bedroom, leaving Moonbeam and Sunbeam alone inside.

“Have a nice day!” Moonbeam said, waving to Riko as she left.

“Now that she’s gone, let’s go and look for Starbeam and Lovebeam. They must be scared and frightened by now! I hope they’re not hurt,” Sunbeam proclaimed as she flew out of the open window, with Moonbeam following her from behind.

“Me too. But Starbeam’s smart and sensible. She can take care of herself, even when the situation seems hopeless. It’s Lovebeam I’m the most worried about,” Moonbeam said.

“That part I totally get. Now let’s get moving!” Sunbeam said as she and Moonbeam flew away from the Tasogare house and into parts unknown to search for their missing sisters.


Riko made it to school without a hitch thanks to Saki. She looked around the overly populated black top to find that red haired, glasses wearing, wheelchair boy from before. Kyoya, was it? There’s just so many kids running around playing and shouting, it was hard to make anything out. But as it turned out, she didn’t have to look for him.

“Hi, Riko!”

Riko instantly turned around to find him just a little ways away, happily waving at her, with one of his arms proudly rising into the sky, and his green eyes wide and bright, wearing a white shirt with crimson red stripes running across it horizontally, beige khaki pants, and black and white sneakers.

“Hi, Kyoya!” Riko cried out happily as she ran over to him.

“I figured you’d be looking for me,” Kyoya said with his usual smile.

“You did? Nobody ever wants to look for me unless they want to pick on me,” Riko told him, surprised by what he just said.

“Yeah. I’ve had those days too. Oh! By the way, got any more Hinata Sun Child volumes yet? I hear its supposed to end soon!” Kyoya told him, his cheerful radiance proving to be quite persistent.

“I only have up to volume 7 so far. I haven’t gotten volume 8 yet, and volume 9 comes out next month. Oh! But I did bring another manga with me. I don’t think you’ve heard of it though,” Riko said as she rummaged through her backpack and pulled out another manga to show to him. The issue is volume 4.

Pokemon Special(1)? Awesome! That’s one of the older ones, right? I only have some of the Diamond and Pearl series,” Kyoya exclaimed excitedly.

“Yep! I just started reading from the beginning, so I only have up to volume 6,” Riko said. “But it’s really really cool! It’s a lot darker and cooler than the Pokemon anime, though I still love the anime.”

“Are you gonna get the X and Y games when they come out? I sure am!” Kyoya said.

“I’d love to, but I don’t have a 3DS. I’m begging my parents to get me one for Christmas this year. I really want a purple one,” Riko said a little bit dejectedly, though not enough to completely deter her.
What they didn’t know was that someone was approaching them...and it wasn’t someone they thought they’d be happy to see.


Riko and Kyoya turned around to find Marina looking at them. She’s wearing an olive green hoodie with a big pocket on the abdomen, grey jean pants, and white sneakers. Their smiles faded as soon as they acknowledged that she appeared. Unlike before, Riko just became a little flummoxed, showing no fear. Just confusion. Kyoya, however, donned a face that had a slight hint of contempt, like he had lots of unpleasant encounters with her before. Then again, Marina did knock him off his wheelchair, knock his glasses off his face, and tell him that just because he’s in a wheelchair he shouldn’t be even remotely capable of basic human thinking. But unlike yesterday, Marina didn’t look angry or like she wanted to hurt them. She just had an apologetic look on her face. Riko looked away from her like she does everybody, so she couldn’t tell.

“What do you want?” Kyoya asked in a low voice, but Riko could hear some twinges of caution and rancor peppering it.

At first, Marina said nothing, but after a short while, she gathered the mettle to speak. “Look. I...I’m sorry for what I did to the both of you,” She turned to Kyoya. “And...sorry for all the mean stuff I said to you...yesterday and all those other times.”

Kyoya wasn’t convinced. “Oh. NOW you apologize? For everything you put me and everyone else through all these years? What are you trying to pull?! If this is some kind of trick, we’re not gonna fall for it!” He shouted angrily, not intent on accepting her apology.

Marina became a little abject. “I figured you’d say that. Oh well. I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry and...I won’t do it again,” She muttered shyly. With that, she ran away, leaving behind two confused kids.

“What was that all about?” Kyoya asked, confused by this unexpected encounter.

“She’s not all bad,” Riko muttered out of the blue. Kyoya was about to ask why she’d say something like that until she interrupted him. “My dad and I ran into her yesterday. She was talking to an abandoned kitten. We found out she’s mean to people because they’re mean to her. They think that because her dad’s a criminal, she’s gonna become just like him. She’s tried to prove them wrong but nothing worked, so she gave up and decided to be a bully. She said it’s what they expect of her.”

“That’s dumb,” Kyoya piped in a little more sympathetically. “I mean, I’ve heard about her dad, but I only hate her because she picks on me and everyone else a lot. Oh! By the way, did you hear about what happened yesterday? Apparently some monster wreaked havoc last night! I know it sounds hard to believe, but it was on the news this morning!”

“I heard about that,” Riko said, trying to maintain her equanimity. But inside, her mind was screaming. ‘What?! They know about Asagi’s monster form? Or maybe Zenjin, too?! Oh God! If they find out I’m Cure Twilight, they’ll all hate me and say I’m the reason bad stuff is happening! What am I gonna dooooo?!’ Riko screamed in her head. She was about to do some more in-brain screaming until something made her stop thinking about it.

A sound. A sound she knew. She could hear it even through her ears were being flooded by the vociferous sounds of the other kids shouting and playing. She looked around for the source of it while not leaving Kyoya’s side. Kyoya could see her fidgeting a little.

“What’s up, Riko?” Kyoya asked again.

“Do you hear that?” Riko asked back.

“Hear what?”

“A harmonica.”


At first, Kyoya was flummoxed again until a realization flashed in his head like a new light bulb that was installed to replace an old, broken one. “Oh! You must be hearing Chino-san playing.”


“Chino Anzu. She’s the blonde girl who stopped Asagi from stabbing you with a pencil. Remember? She’s in our homeroom and some of our classes. She’s really good at the harmonica, and we never see her without one,” Kyoya explained with his smile coming back.

“Ohhh! Is that her name? I oughta thank her sometime,” Riko said.

“Yeah. I’ve been meaning to befriend her since last year, but I never got around to doing so, mostly because she was never in any of my classes, and she tends to keep to herself, kinda like you. The other kids kinda don’t like her though. They think she’s a goth because she wears black all the time, though she looks and acts nothing like one,” Kyoya explained.

“That’s dumb. Just like hating Asagi just because her dad’s a criminal.”

“That’s what I say.”

They wanted to talk more, but the bell rang, so they had to go inside the school building. But Riko was able to pick the blonde, bespectacled, black clothes wearing girl, Chino Anzu, out in homeroom immediately. Her hair is a pale, radiant shade of yellow, shining brightly like the morning sunshine, and extremely long, tied into a long, vibrant ponytail with a pale pink scrunchie. She has fair skin, radiant light green eyes like limes hidden behind those big, coke-bottle glasses of hers, and her wardrobe didn’t look like anything a typical goth would wear. She isn’t wearing any makeup, like eyeliner or lipstick or anything of the sort, and she doesn’t have any piercings either. All she’s wearing is a black and red Sweeney Todd themed hoodie that’s unzipped, a navy blue shirt under it with Wonder Woman on it, black jeans with some silver hoops on them where one can strap things on them (she heard they were called bondage pants, but she doesn’t like the way it sounds), and white and purple sneakers. It’d be one thing if she was wearing them way down to the point where her undies would show like other kids she knew did before she moved, but the girl didn’t look nor act like those kids she knew back then, and her pants seemed to be at the appropriate height.

It’s easy to see why other kids don’t approach her. She certainly didn’t look very approachable, but then again, Riko hardly ever approached anyone for other reasons. But Riko didn’t think she looked mean, though she could be wrong. Riko also saw something around her neck. A shiny, sterling silver harmonica dangled from a purple string around Anzu’s neck. It looked very worn out, like it had been used a lot, but that didn’t make it lose its shine. That must have been the one she played earlier, before the bell rang. She wanted to talk to her, but she was afraid she might scare her or anger her, as she usually did other people, so she decided not to. For the most part, the morning went by just fine, even though some weird boy made a scene in gym class, causing the teacher to get angry and send him to the principal’s office.

At lunch time, things became a lot nicer. “Hey, Riko! Wanna sit with me?” Kyoya asked cheerfully, inviting her to sit at his lunch table. Without any hesitation at all, Riko said yes and spent the lunch hour with him. Within minutes, Riko could feel that eating lunch with someone and having fun conversations with them proved to be far, FAR better than sitting all alone, and Riko never sat with anyone at lunch her entire life! This was a new experience for her, but one she would soon find to be very warm, comforting, and even enjoyable. She could sit with Kyoya every single day. It was clear he enjoyed her company, and she enjoyed his. Like her, he also brought lunch from home. She couldn’t believe this was happening. But it was no dream.

She wondered if that could be true too.

“Kyoya…” Riko muttered shyly.

“Yeah? What?” Kyoya asked as he finished chomping on a red leather fruit strip.

“I know this sounds weird, but...can we be…” Riko felt choked up just trying to get the words out. But in the end, she finally blurted it out. “Can be friends?!”

Kyoya didn’t waste any time answering. “Aren’t we already friends?”

“Wait...we are?” Riko asked, flummoxed by Kyoya’s counter question. It began to dawn on her, but she kept on denying it in her heart.

“Totally! We have so much in common!” Kyoya exclaimed with a radiant grin. “We both like manga and anime, we’re kinda misfits around here, and people like Asagi, Kosaka, and Inoue drive us crazy! How can we NOT be friends?! Seriously! Besides, I think you’re pretty cool, Riko. I don’t see why we can’t be friends!”

It was so unexpected. She never thought this day would come. It was so shocking, so out of the blue, so out of nowhere, yet it felt so right…

“What the--?! Are you...crying?!”

She felt something warm and wet on her face. She put her hand on it to find the source of it: tears. Embarrassed, she tried to wipe them off with her bare arms. How can she be crying when she should be happy? “Sorry! It’s not you! It’s just...I...I...I’ve never had any friends before…never ever...”

Kyoya’s smile faded. “Never? Ever? Seriously? Not a single one in your whole entire life?”

“Yep. Never ever, in my whole entire life. Not even one. People always hated me. Both kids and grown ups, just because I’m weird and stupid and...retarded, as they say. The kids always picked on me, and most adults I met all thought I was a bad kid. Sorry. I really shouldn’t be acting like this…” Riko muttered sadly as she helplessly tried to wipe the tears off of her wet face.

Again, he wasted no time talking. “Screw them! They just don’t see how nice you are! So what if you’re kinda weird? We’re all weird here! And you’re NOT retarded! You stood up to Asagi when she knocked me over, and you wasted no time telling her off, so I can’t see why people think you’re retarded or bad.”

We’re all weird here. She couldn’t help but giggle a little at that, which brought Kyoya’s radiant grin back. She should start using that remark when someone calls her weird. They consumed their lunch and talked the rest of the moment away. Then they talked some more at recess. Some kids decided to tease them upon seeing them together, but Kyoya paid absolutely no heed to them, and if he didn’t, then she didn’t have to pay attention either. Words just couldn’t describe Riko’s sheer happiness upon realizing that she’s made her first ever friend. She never thought it would happen to her, but it did, and her cup of happiness was literally overflowing with the liquid of joy, not intent on getting plugged up by some mean people anytime soon.

But soon, Riko would find another friend.

At science class, she requested to go to the bathroom real quick. She remembered where it was. She’s passed it lots of times during classes, so she knew where it was, keeping its location in her head. Her memory proved to be right, and she found it exactly where it was before. She went in, did what she needed to do, and proceeded to wash her hands in the sink. She had to admit, she didn’t like how sticky the liquid soap from the container felt on her hands. It was warm and felt like muddy puddle water, and she did not like muddy puddle water. But she had to use it or else her hands would have germs on them.

That’s when it happened.

The door burst right open, footsteps stomped hastily through the bathroom, scaring Riko into having a mini heart attack, one of the bathroom door stalls swung open with a bang, and then a vociferous sound assaulted her ears.

The sound of someone vomiting.

Riko hastily dried her hands with the paper towels and turned around to see what was wrong. When she finished, she crept over to the stall that was open. She didn’t even have to go too far to recognize who it is that’s vomiting.

The huge, blonde ponytail and Sweeney Todd themed hoodie gave it all away.

“Are you okay?!” Riko yelped as she ran over to the blonde girl, still vomiting in the toilet. Thankfully, the minute she said that, the girl stopped. She panted like she ran a marathon and pulled the toilet’s lever so the horrible stuff can be flushed down the drain, never to be seen or smelled again. Riko was thankful it was gone, but a noisome odor lingered in the bathroom air, and she didn’t like it. But she didn’t dare complain. “You okay?” She asked again.

The blonde girl, Anzu, turned around and her hazel green eyes widened when she saw Riko behind her. But she could tell she looked quite concerned and worried. Sluggishly, Anzu stood up, pulled a napkin out of her pocket, and wiped her mouth with it. “I am now. Sorry you had to see and hear that,” She replied in a nice but somewhat husky voice. Riko couldn’t tell if that’s her normal voice or if it was because she puked just now.

“It’s okay. But you should probably go to the nurse. You might end up doing it again and not even know it,” Riko suggested with concern twinging her voice. Anzu nodded in agreement, and the two of them left the bathroom.

A small water fountain came into view.

“Oh!” Riko exclaimed as she took Anzu by the wrist and gently dragged her to the fountain. “You should get a drink first. My mom says that when people vomit, they get dehydrated, and that’s not good for their system.”

“Yeah. Thanks,” Anzu croaked as she did as Riko asked and took a good sip of the water from the fountain. Once she finished, they headed off to the nurse’s office. Anzu sat down on one of the beds. Riko was about to sit down as well, but her olive green purse slipped off her shoulder and onto the floor, causing her manga to pop right out.

“Agh! This always happens!” Riko said as she scrambled to put her manga back in her purse.

“Hey. Is that the Pokemon manga?” Anzu suddenly asked out of the blue.

“Yeah. Why?”

“I’ve been meaning to read that for a while. I never got around to it.”

A glimmer of hope blazed in Riko’s heart. Another friend, maybe? “You read manga?”

“Yep. I like stuff like FMA, Madoka Magica, 07-Ghost--”

“You should get back to class, Tasogare,” The female nurse told her.

“Sorry! We’ll talk more later. Feel better soon, okay?” Riko told her, a little disappointed that she couldn’t stay and talk some more.

“Thanks for helping me. See you in homeroom,” Anzu told her with a sweet smile and waved as Riko ran out of the nurse’s office and back to class.


Friends can be a wonderful thing to have. At Hikaribashi High School, just before the last bell rang, Hikage and Hotaru sat by themselves, happily chatting and palavering like they’ve known each other for years and years, maybe even eons. What they didn’t know was that people were giving them some dirty looks, not that they cared. They were just focused on having a good chat and cracking a good joke before they have to leave school for the day.

“Is it true you take naginata lessons?” Hikage asked with a smile.

“Yep. I’ve been practicing since I was ten. I really like it,” Hotaru replied sweetly, with her own smile. Hikage couldn’t help but think she looked like a princess when she smiled like that.

“I’ll bet it’s hard.”

“It is, but it’s very fun. Plus it’s a way for me to defend myself if a stranger tries to attack me. I never go anywhere without it. Are you in any clubs in particular?”

“Not clubs, per se, but I do kinda wanna join the basketball team.”

“Basketball, huh? Nice! Were you on any teams in your last schools?”

“Yep! If you can believe it, I was Enrai Middle School’s star player! I even helped my team get to the nationals! But we did get creamed part of the way through, so that stunk.”

“You did your best, and that’s all that matters. Oh! By the way, have you heard about that incident yesterday?”

“What incident? Do you mean the one about some monster attacking the neighborhood?”

“Yes,” She didn’t dare tell Hikage that she was there. He might start asking questions that she may be unable to answer. But she figured just telling him about the incident wouldn’t hurt. “Nobody was killed, that’s good. But I just want you to be careful if anything like that happens again,” She advised calmly.

“You be careful too. Don’t wanna lose the first friend I made here!”

“Hey Tasogare! Come here, will ya?” Three slightly older, more bulky looking boys called out from the other side of the classroom.

“Better do some socializing. Be right back, Hotaru-chan,” Hikage told her sweetly as he left his desk and went over to the trio of boys that called on him, hoping to make some more friends. He’s a social butterfly, so he thought they’d make great friends.

Boy, was he wrong.

“What’s up?” Hikage asked.

“You’s been gettin’ real chummy with Minamigawa lately, ain’cha?” One boy with a little scar above his left eyebrow asked suspiciously.

Hikage was starting to get bad vibes from the tone of voices they’re using. “Yeah. So what? It’s not like we’re dating. Why? You have a crush on her? There’s nothing wrong with a boy and girl just being friends.”

“We get that. But it’s JUST Minamigawa we’re worried about. You should stay away from her,” One boy with messy dark brown hair told him.

“Why? She’s not a bad person,” Hikage asked, his smile fading. Why are they telling her to stay away from his new friend? She hasn’t done anything wrong. Not since he met her.

“She’s weird, man. She’s all stuck-up and bossy and acts like she’s all that,” The boy with a streak of blonde hair in his black hair told him.

“No she’s not. She’s actually quite nice and friendly,” Hikage retorted.

“Worst of all, she’s got homos for parents, yo,” The boy with the scar on his eyebrow told him.

“Homos? Do you mean...her parents are homosexuals?”

“They’re gay, yo! Major dud!” The scar boy exclaimed again. “We’re just sayin’ you oughta run for it if she tries to make you into a homo. Nobody wants to hang around a kid whose parents are a couple of homos.”

“Sorry, but I refuse. So what if her parents are homosexual? There’s nothing wrong with that! I don’t know what ideas you guys have in your heads, but you oughta throw them away. Hotaru’s nice and friendly. If you don’t like the fact that her parents are gay, then that’s your problem. But don’t make someone into a pariah because of it!” Hikage snapped as calmly as he could, then walked back to Hotaru’s side. “Sorry about that.”

“They told you to stay away from me, didn’t you?” Hotaru asked with a grim look on her face.

“You heard?”

“Yeah. It’s true. I have two dads, and everyone here thinks I’m gross because of it.”

“Screw them! They’re not worth it. They just don’t see how cool you are.”

Hotaru’s smile returned. “Thanks, Hikage-kun. We should hang out like this more often.”

“True that!” Hikage said, his own smile returning as well. Soon, the final bell rang, and everyone went home for the day.


1. Pokemon Special is a manga by Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto. It’s a manga adaptation of the games, but is considered its own continuity and deity, different from both the games they’re based on and the anime.
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