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Ableist? Seriously?!

I came across a Tumblr page called Fan Cure Confessions. Recently, I went there to just look around, only to find someone accusing my Twilight Precure fan series of being ableist. To twist the knife further, this person (who is also neuroatypical) used a picture of Hime, my favorite character from Happiness Charge Precure because I can relate to her and her struggles. How in any way if my fan series ableist? That is NOT my intention at all. I myself am autistic! Why would I discriminate against my own characters, let alone myself? True, I do write some characters who are, but I do my best to portray it in a negative light so as to create conflict in the story and to drop aesops regarding the treatment of people with disabilities. I know I shouldn't let these things bother me, and I definitely won't let it stop me from working on my fan series, but honestly, it really hurts when someone completely misses the point of your entire story. Then again, I've only published 14 chapters so far, so it has yet to actually get somewhere. That might be a factor. But seriously, I wrote about a hundred chapters of my Digimon fan fic, which ALSO features an autistic main character, and nobody complained about that fan fic being ableist! Sorry. I'm just really hurt by this.
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