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Firechick's Anime Reviews: One Week Friends

I give this nice little warm and fuzzy anime...a 84/100.

There aren't many slice of life anime I really like, and the ones I do like are extremely unappreciated. Thankfully, Isshukan Friends is a great slice-of-life anime. It has some flaws, but it's definitely an anime you'd want to show to your family. Anyway, the story's about a kid named Yuuki Hase who wants to befriend the local outcast, Kaori Fujimiya. Later on, he learns that any memories she has of her friends disappear after exactly one week, and she expects him to forget about her. But he doesn't. Persistent and determined, he'll do anything to bring Kaori out of her shell and be there for her when she needs it.

The animation for this series is really nice. Faded, soft colors, fluid movements, detailed backgrounds, and it really does a good job fitting the mood of the series. The music is also really nice too, with soft piano tunes. None of the pieces are out of place, and the music also does its job of setting the atmosphere and mood without overdoing it. I especially like the opening and ending themes. So nice and simplistic, but they do say simplicity is beauty after all. The whole series just screams bittersweet slice of life, and I agree, and it's all the better for it. The premise is relatively simple too, and I find it odd that her memories all disappear after one week, since I took a psychology class and we studied memories a bit. But it's an anime, so I won't bother.

The characters are a bit bland, but I like their chemistry together. Plus, I actually like Yuuki as a character. Normally in slice of life anime, the main male character is a deep voiced, snarky kid who's quiet and usually has an overly cheerful best friend. Here, it's reversed. Instead, Yuuki is proactive and loud, whereas his best friend Shougo, who is easily the awesomest and most genre savvy character in the show, is deep voiced, quiet, and snarky, not to mention brutally honest. But I'm not quite sure what to make of Saki. I think she's supposed to be otaku bait, but when she acts moe, she comes off more like someone who's high on drugs or something. I don't know. But I do find her cute. I do like Kaori, but I feel like she feels more like a canvas trying to gather stray paint than a girl who's lonely and wants to be friends, but I liked it when she developed.

So yeah, this is obviously my shortest review yet. Why? reviewer's interpretation of Yuuki's actions kinda left a sour taste in my mouth. The reviewer accused him of being jealous and possessive, but I honestly never thought of him that way. Yes, he does have moments where he gets jealous, but he usually means well and never acts on his jealousy, unlike most cliche romance anime protagonists. Don't you just hate it when you want to enjoy a show but someone interprets it in a way that really makes you feel like someone just poured a bucket of pig's blood on you? Also, while I do appreciate the anime executing the friendship of these characters a lot better than just "meet, introduce themselves, and boom they're friends" and actually building on their chemistry, one other reviewer said that all they really do is study and share food together. I can agree on that, as it's become quite common and annoying in anime in general, but for what it's worth, they do do more than just study and share food. I especially liked episode 8, as it showed the characters just spending a day together, having fun and doing things that most friends would do, just like the times I'd hang out with my own friends.

If you want an anime that'll give you warm fuzzies, make this the anime to watch. Plus, it's a great anime to show your family!
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