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Firechick's Game Reviews: Mother 3

I give this powerful game...a 98/100!

I first heard about this game from JewWario during That Dude In The Suede's crossover review of Pokemon 2000 with him and Linkara in it. I had never heard of this game before, and I didn't fully discover the Mother series until just a few months ago. If someone asked me what Mother was a few months ago, I'd tell you I have absolutely no idea. Once I started moseying around looking up information on Mother, I learned that Mother 3 was considered a masterpiece of a video game that's unanimously praised, raved, and positively reviewed. I was convinced it'd just be annoying mainstream fare that people were seriously overhyping. Boy, am I glad I was wrong. I found both this and Mothers 1 and 2 at the Steel City Comic Con, and I knew I had to have them.

Best decision I ever made.

I can say with 5000% certainty that the game's hype and popularity is totally and completely justified. I had no idea I would fall in love with a game like this, and I'm happy to say, I've fallen completely in love! This is seriously one of the best, most underrated video games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It's a shame it wasn't released officially in the US due to outside factors and possible copyright stuff, because it seriously deserves a re-release here. If you haven't played this game, there is something completely wrong with you and you need to rectify this. Like, right now. But to be fair, this game isn't without its flaws, and just because I like something doesn't mean I won't point out its flaws or how stupid some things can be.

The story takes place on the Nowhere Islands, and the main character, Lucas, is a young boy living a happy life with his family in the peaceful village of Tazmily. One day, however, a strange group of people wearing pig masks set forests on fire and turn animals into robot chimera hybrids. One such robot chimera takes his mother's life, and his family is completely torn apart, and the village is faced with tragedy. Years later, he decides to fight the pigmasks and take back what was rightfully his, with the help of his comrades and some new psychic powers he receives. But sometimes even doing that can come with drawbacks, as he learns awful truths about both the pigmasks and what really happened to his family.

(more to come soon)
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