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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 5 (Part two)

 Here's part two of chapter 5!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 5
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Friendship

EPSIODE 5: A Miracle and The Light

At night, she had the dream again. But unlike before, she was awoken by Terriermon.

"Yun. Yun! Wake up!" She heard his sweet voice in her ear. She finally got up and rubbed her eyes.

"Whuh...what is it?" Yun asked in a weary murmur. Once she regained her sight, she was surprised to see Terriermon with a worried look on his face.

"There's a Digimon out there. I can feel it," He pointed to the window.

"Out where?"

"In the woods. Where the Goblimon was at!"

Not only that, her egg-shaped Digivice was glowing a bit as well. Knowing what these two signs meant (Terriermon sensing a presence and her digivice glowing), she knew this was unavoidable. She looked at her clock and it read 6:04 AM. Lopmon woke up as well.

"Urgh...I was having such a nice dream..." Lopmon murmured wearily, trying to wake herself up.

"Alright! You two stay put. Let me get myself ready first, then we'll find the Digimon and see if it has a black hexagon on it so we can destroy it and send it back to the Digital World," Yun told them. Terriermon nodded. Although Lopmon just woke up, she had heard the entire conversation. She also nodded, knowing this unavoidable situation coming up.

Yun threw on a short sleeved white robe over her white and blue pajamas, put on her shoes, grabbed her digivice, and her tiny flashlight. She was going to need all of these. She looked in the other rooms to make sure everyone was asleep. Thankfully they are. She grabbed Terriermon and Lopmon, very slowly unlocked the back door and walked out (she took the keys with her) onto the deck, through the back gate, and into the same entrance to the woods as before. She recognized this area from the time Terriermon, as Gummymon, went after the rogue Goblimon. But Yun could feel that...something was different from before.

She turned her flashlight on and ambled through the woods. She could see the clearing, but something was odd about it. She could feel it in her skin.

"It's up ahead!" Lopmon exclaimed.

It wasn't until they finally arrived that they saw what was wrong. And it left Yun frozen with fear.

Spider webs. Big, thick, white spider webs covered the entire clearing! The trees, the bark, everything! These aren't the tiny, mostly invisible spider webs you see in the corners of houses or gardens. These are HUGE white spider webs covering literally everything. It was so bright you could almost be blinded by their sheer, unrelenting whiteness.

Yun made the huge mistake of looking up at one particular tree.

Right when she laid her eyes on it, she instantaneously let out the loudest, most bloodcurtling scream she ever let out.

Right above her was the biggest, furriest, ugliest, and most petrifying spider she had ever seen in her entire life. Just looking at this ugly beast made her feel like tarantulas were walking down every single inch of her body, and she didn't like it. This tarantula like beast was about 20 times the size of a normal tarantula, about 20 feet bigger than Yun in terms of length and width. It has a yellow helmet with two horns similar to those of a bull on both sides, with nine glowing red eyes, sharp fangs on it's mouth, orange spiky hair on the back of it's head, six furry legs with red claws on each one, and a white skull imprinted on it's thorax. Stripes and chains of different colors were wrapped around it's legs, and black stripes were on it's horns. A very sharp, possibly poisonous red tail protruded from it's back.

Yun was absolutely horrified beyond any fear she had ever felt before.

Both her floppy eared friends saw this. Lopmon ran to her aid while Terriermon proceeded to attack it.

"Poison thread!!" The wild spider digimon shot a string from it's mouth.

"Blazing Fire!!" Terriermon shot a big ball of orange fire at it, successfully reducing the thread to nothing.

"Yun! What's wrong!? Are you alright!?" Lopmon shook Yun, but to no avail.

"Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Sp-Spider...!! Huge...ugly...spider...!!" Yun was so petrified and overcome with fear that she couldn't even move from her spot. Her digivice fell out of her robe pocket, and a light showing the Digimon's information showed up. Yun saw this and picked it up.

"Do-Do-Do-Dokukukukuku...kugumon...cha-cha-champion level...virus attribubububububute...attacks are...p-p-p-p-poison thread...and poison c-c-c-c-c-c-cobweb..." Yun was so petrified she couldn't even talk right. Lopmon interpreted it.

"Dokugumon. Champion level. Virus attribute. Attacks are poison thread and poison cobweb," Lopmon said, then looked up at Yun. "Yun...are you afraid of spiders?"

"YES!! YES I AM!!" Yun screamed in a piercing voice that seemed to catch Dokugumon's attention.

"Poison thread!!"

"Terrier Tornado!!" Little Terriermon destroyed the thread that was aiming for Yun with aplomb. Lopmon took Yun to a nearby tree, out of Dokugumon's sight.

"Yun. Stay here. We'll fight it for you. If we see a black hexagon, we'll let you know!" Lopmon told her reassuringly and decided to go fight the ugly oversized tarantula.

"B-But Lopmon! Wait! It's too strong for the both of you!!" Yun tried to call them back in her petrified voice, but they didn't listen.

"Poison thread!!"

"Freezing Snow!!"

Lopmon froze Dokugumon's thread. Then she snapped a good piece of it off, and threw it right at Dokugumon's face. It managed to strike right in the eye above all it's other eyes, and it made Dokugumon scream in an absolutely horrid voice that made chills race down all of their spines.

"Ugh! This guy's one ugly bug! I wish I could squish him!" Terriermon said.

"Terriermon! Whatever you do, don't EVER let it go near Yun! She's terribly scared of spiders!" Lopmon told him.

"You got it! Let's take this bug down!" Terriermon exclaimed. Both of them proceeded to attack.

"Blazing Fire!!"

"Freezing Snow!!"

"Poison Thread!!"

Dokugumon, Lopmon, and Terriermon engaged in battle, and all Yun did was watch from the sidelines...and she wasn't liking it.

'How could I be so stupid?! My dearest friends are in danger and yet I let my rabid fear of spiders get the better of me! And I can't just run away! Friends can't abandon each other!' Yun thought as she watched them fight. Soon, she saw Dokugumon shoot out a thread and it successfully got Terriermon stuck to a tree!

"Terriermon!" Both Yun and Lopmon yelled in unison. Terriermon struggled to get out of the web.

"I-I-I'm okay!" He replied, flashing the peace sign with his free paw.

That did it for Yun. 'I'm not gonna stand by anymore! I'm gonna help them!' Yun exclaimed as she finally got out from the tree and walked toward the overgrown tarantula, who was eyeing Lopmon. HARD.

"My attacks don't seem to work anymore. He's just too strong!" Lopmon exclaimed.


Dokugumon turned around and saw Yun right behind it waving her arms in the air. Lopmon and Terriermon were absolutely stunned.

"Yun! Get out of there! You must hurry!" Lopmon shouted, but Yun didn't listen.

"Hey you! Giant overgrown tarantula who's all hopped up on steroids!! You look like Frankenstein's brain after it got fried by a radioactive torpedo shot at you by the Soviets in 1971!!" Yun yelled loud enough for even Dokugumon to hear. Lopmon and Terriermon had absolutely no idea what she was talking about, but Dokugumon turned around and started walking toward her. Whenever Dokugumon took a step, Yun took a step back. Lopmon freed Terriermon.

"She's using herself as a decoy!" Lopmon said.

"We gotta help her! That's a dead end!" Terriermon shouted, pointing to the set of trees behind Yun being so close together that she would not be able to escape. Yun didn't know this.

"Come and get me, you rabid steroid junkie!!" It wasn't until Yun felt the trees behind her that she realized she couldn't escape.

"Spider web!" Dokugumon shot a thread at her and she became wrapped up in spider web.

"Agh!" Yun was all tied up...except for her left arm sticking out a little bit, which gave her an opportunity.

"I could use this to get out!" Yun proceeded to rip off the spider web with her left hand. She managed to take off enough for her right hand to be free. She didn't like how soft and slimy the web felt, but this was no time to be overcome by fear. Unfortunately, she saw Dokugumon's face right in front of hers, and the fear finally kicked back in.

Dokugumon then stood itself up, revealing it's abdomen.

That's when she saw it. The black hexagon. On it's abdomen.

"Poison Cobweb!!"

Yun, feeling angry at herself for not being able to free herself quickly enough, braced for impact. She didn't feel it. But once she opened her eyes, she was horrified to see that...Lopmon took the hit! Somehow she got caught in the web on a tree, but somehow slipped off because the threads looked too thin. Yun could see all the scratches on her tiny body.

"Lopmon!!" Yun finally freed her legs and ran to scoop the limp little Lopmon in her arms.

"Hey! Leave them alone, you beast!!" Terriermon tried to attack, but Dokugumon rammed it's head at him, throwing him into a web on the top of a tree on the other side of the clearing. Yun was just ticked off. She clutched her helpless friend with her arms. With eyes full of anger and tears, she made full on eye contact with the beast.

"I HATE YOU!! You're ugly and full of ugly hairs and meaner than a rabid dog!! Your red hair makes you look like a hillbilly who lost his teeth and your fangs look like baby teeth!! Nobody hurts my dearest friends!! NOBODY!! Not even an ugly overgrown tarantula who's hopped up on steroids like the junkie you are!!" Yun yelled as loud as her voice could do. She wanted to go get Terriermon and save him, but she was unable to. Partly because he's in a web on top of a tree (she can't climb) and partly because her left leg is falling asleep and in pain. Lopmon looked up at Yun with her green eyes.

" away. We'll...handle it from here. Go on! You must hurry!" Lopmon told her, trying to raise her paw to Yun's tear stained cheek.

"NO!! No way am I leaving you and Terriermon behind! Friends never abandon each other! They help each other and succor each other in times of tragedy and crisis! I'm not going to let you and Terriermon become spider breakfast! No! Absolutely not! We're in this together! That's what friends are for!!" Yun screamed as she hugged Lopmon even closer. She wished she could hug Terriermon this way, but she couldn't. Lopmon was shocked and impressed at the same time. Yun is terrified of spiders, yet she used herself as a decoy so Terriermon and Lopmon could have a break and to protect them. Lopmon was so impressed by her partner's relentless courage that she actually understood why Yun did those things. Yun loved Lopmon and Terriermon. Possibly more than anything else in the world. She remembered all the things she told her parents. What struck Lopmon the most was when Yun said, "They're the sweetest little things in the whole wide world, and I love them very much. They make me very happy." Lopmon, warmed by the tenderness of those words, fell asleep in Yun's arms, right when Dokugumon is finally about to close in on them. Yun and Lopmon couldn't escape. It was over...that is, until Yun's digivice began to glow.

A rosy light pink light enveloped Yun's digivice, shot out from it, and hit Lopmon. Soon, it got so bright that even Dokugumon had to take a few steps backward. Yun saw it too, but it was too bright for her to handle. Lopmon floated into the air, consumed by the rosy light pink light. Even Terriermon woke up because of the light.

"Lopmon, digivolve to..."

Lopmon became bigger and bigger, and then the light finally dissipated. Out came a totally new Digimon! Yun, Terriermon, and even Dokugumon were surprised and rendered speechless. A very tall rabbit like Digimon, a little taller than Yun by two feet, appeared. Her face is purple like lilacs, with a white mouth and the tips of her ears are white. She wore a large and puffy yellow jump suit with a light blue bandana wrapped around her neck, red orange gloves, sharp silver metal gauntlets on her gloves, and black Chinese slippers.


Yun finally stood up, but she was still awestruck by Lopmon's digivolving.

" look awesome..." Yun murmured with a smile as she saw the awesomeness that is Turuiemon.

"Poison Thread!!"

Turuiemon quickly grabbed Yun and leaped out of Dokugumon's way. Yun was impressed by how fast and agile Turuiemon is. She was reminded of Rena and Lekismon. Turuiemon hopped to the tree were Terriermon is trapped, used her gauntlets to free him, and very gently put him in Yun's arms.

"Here you go, little one," Turuiemon said in a lower, much more polite and lady-like voice than before. She sounded very grown up. Terriermon saw Turuiemon and was impressed.

"Wow! You look awesome!" Terriermon exclaimed.

But Yun remembered something she needed to tell her friend.

"Turuiemon...the hexagon is on Dokugumon's abdomen," She told her.

"Thanks for telling me! I'll take care of it! Just stay put!" Turuiemon exclaimed as she hopped away.

"Hey! I wanna fight too!" Terriermon exclaimed as he leaped out of Yun's arms, much to her surprise, and ran after Turuiemon. Dokugumon finally caught sight of them.

"Poison thread!!"

"Gauntlet Claw!!"

Right when she jumped in the air, Dokugumon tried to attack her with his thread, but she successfully cut it with her gauntlets and hit him square in the face. She then proceeded to lift him up and throw him. Now he lay on his back, with his feet facing upward. Now they could get the hexagon.

"Ninja Fist!!"

"Blazing Fire!!"

Both Turuiemon and Terriermon attacked it at the same time. Their combined attacks made the hexagon disappear. Dokugumon's red eyes turned lime green, and somehow a digital portal appeared right under him, causing him to be swallowed by it. The cobwebs surrounding the clearing disappeared right along with it. Yun caught Terriermon right as he was about to collapse.

"Are you alright, little guy?" Yun asked softly.

"Yep! I'm alright!" Terriermon said. Yun looked up at Turuiemon who looked down at her with a rather stern look on her face.

"Yun...I laud you for your belief in me. But you should not have used yourself as a decoy like that. You could've been killed!" Turuiemon said sternly.

"I know. I'm sorry. But even in the face of fear, friends have to stick together no matter what! I didn't want to abandon you two!" Yun explained, feeling a little guilty. But Turuiemon rubbed Yun's head with her finger.

"You really are a true friend, Yun. I'm happy you're my partner. You're right. True friends stick together and help each other," Turuiemon said with a smile.

"I'm happy too! I love being with Yun! She's awesome!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Oh, no no! I'm not awesome at all! You both were awesome!" Yun said.

"How about we get back home. I think some of us want to sleep in for another two hours," Turuiemon said.

"Yeah. Let's go home. But thank God! I don't ever want to be confronted by a giant overgrown tarantula ever again!" Yun exclaimed.

"By the way...what are steroids? And who are the Soviets?" Turuiemon asked.

"And who's Frankenstein? And what's a junkie?" Terriermon asked.

"I'll...tell you all later," Yun said, feeling very awkward because of the strange line of questioning.

Right when they entered through the back gate, Turuiemon digivolved back into Lopmon. And right when they walked into Yun's room, all three of them plopped into bed and fell asleep, happy to be home.

And Yun had the dream again.


1. Ouran High School Host Club is a popular manga by Bisco Hatori. An anime was made for it in the spring of 2006.

2. The Birds' Christmas Carol is a book written by Kate Douglass Wiggin.

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