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My mom...

My God I wish my mom would stop telling me that I need to stop eating junk food! All I wanted was a TINY TINY little piece of fudge OR a small amount of M&M's. Yes, TINY PIECES!!! I KNOW I'm not as active as I used to be, I KNOW if I eat too much I'll get heavy, I KNOW I don't want to be heavy, I KNOW I need to cut back and eat more healthy foods WHICH I HAVE BEEN, and I KNOW the difference between having small amounts of it and eating it on a daily basis!!! SHE NEEDS TO STOP REMINDING ME AND TREATING ME LIKE I'M A RETARD!!! I'm 18 now! I know the difference between right and wrong! And she keeps mis-interpreting my decisions! I say I don't want to go to an ice cream place anymore, but she drags me there anyway! She tells me to sit at a table, I keep standing, and she says I'm being difficult. HOW is that being difficult!? She should at least be happy I'm not like my sister when she was in high school! She's the one who was being difficult! She's (Mom) the one who needs to know the difference between having a little tiny treat to eating junk food on a daily basis. I'm sorry. I know I sound like a brat, but I'm just so sick of being told what I already know a million times over and over again! I wanted to tell her all this, but I can't. She practically ALWAYS interrupts me or gets mad whenever I say just about ANYTHING, so I didn't see the point.

From now on until after Otakon, I'm going on an epic withdraw. I don't care how tempting it is, I'm going to deprive myself of ALL sweets that I love eating until AFTER Otakon! I don't care if anyone thinks it's ridiculous or stupid!

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