October 3rd, 2013

I don't believe it.

..............saw that my sister made an inspiring Facebook post. Do I think it's inspiring? No! I don't believe a single word of it!

"My sister has shaped me to be the person I am without a doubt."

No I didn't! How have I shaped you?!

"She has not only taught me patience but indeed perspective."

Oh yeah, coming from the person who flips out at every little thing I do, well intentioned or not! This is the person calls me inconsiderate, rude, and a b**** who doesn't help my parents out around the house and thinks I manipulate people for my own convenience! This is the person who considers everything I do bad, even when I'm not even doing anything! This is the person who knows nothing of my life but claims she does! This is the person who continually rubs in the fact that she's perfect and I'm not just to prove how inconsiderate and rude I am! This is the insensitive person whose only answer to everything I tell her is "get over it!"

"If it were up to me, I'd declare her a genius!"

Oh REALLY? If I'm such a genius, how do you explain the fact that I dropped out of a Financial Accounting class back in my last college?! How do you explain the fact that I got a 75 on my first psychology test?!

"She taught herself to speak Japanese, fluently!"

No. No no no. My Japanese is NOT fluent. My recitation teachers have proven that to me.

Stop being a hypocrite and admit that you only said all that just to make yourself look good. I don't believe a word of that post. Why don't you just admit that you really think I'm a parasite who sucks the life out of everything and is an inconvenience to you and everything else around us. Why can't you acknowledge that I'm stupid, worthless, useless, and have no future! You have a future! I don't! You have everything going for you! I don't! You're normal! I'M NOT! Stop pretending to be nice!

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Firechick's Manga Reviews: Nabari no Ou

I give this awesome ninja manga...a 88/100.

Oh lordy, how this manga is a nostalgia bomb for me! I was originally going to review this once I bought the rest of the volumes, but I managed to finish them and the series thanks to renting them from my neighboring school's library! I remember when the manga was first coming out. I was very into the anime back then, around my sophomore year of high school, and I didn't start the anime until long after the series aired...and I remembered starting it and wound up watching six episodes in a week! Then, once I finished that, FUNimation released the DVD sets and I have both of them! But then the manga began getting released by Yen Press, and seeing how I was very into Nabari no Ou thanks to it having an actual plot and not being Naruto, I decided to check it out...and now that I've completed it, I must say that the manga, while it is very awesome, does leave a lot of things to be desired.

Miharu Rokujo is just a kid who lives his life rather nonchalantly. He acts indifferent to everything, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

(more to come soon)