December 8th, 2013

12 Moments in Anime, #6: Mamoru Hosoda

The name of an upcoming legend in the anime industry. Mention his name, and people will sing nothing but praise for him. People are declaring him to be Hayao Miyazaki's spiritual successor. I first heard his name in 2006, right around the time his movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time was released. I didn't watch it back then due to other obligations. But I never did understand why everybody loved him so much.

That is, until I bought Summer Wars on DVD on a whim and watched it. Then I understood.

He really is a great director. He does emotions SO well. His animation is very creative and lifelike, and he puts a HUGE amount of effort in everything he does. His characters feel real, like you actually know them in real life. Why didn't I watch this guy's work earlier? Then I realized he did the first two Digimon movies. Is that awesome or what? I didn't get to watch The Girl Who Leapt Through Time until this year. Why? Modern Japan class put it on at one point in the semester. I was really charmed by how sweet and sincere it was despite its hiccups (it also has a very wonderful English dub which further cemented my love for Andrew Francis). Then I watched Wolf Children...yeah, I think you know the deal.

Moment #6: Finally watching Mamoru Hosoda's movies.

Firechick's Manga Reviews: Twin Spica

I give this wonderful manga...a 90/100.

Whelp. Finally got around to finishing the manga. I saw the anime first, and while I liked it, I felt like I wanted more. Now that I finally managed to rent all of the books from the library in one fell swoop, I finally got to finish it, and...really, you won't find other manga like this one.

(will add more soon)