December 11th, 2013

12 Moments in Anime, #5: Nothing Lasts Forever

About a year or so ago, I watched a little obscure children's anime called Fancy Lala. Despite the saccharine and girly-sounding title, it's a wonderful little anime with great characters, mature themes, and great messages. But the thing I love the most about this show is that it can use simple concepts and make them into something extremely profound, without coming off as cheesy, forced, artificial or melodramatic. It proves that you don't need to do anything big or epic to make something moving or touching, and BY GOD DOES THIS SHOW DO IT SO WELL!!! And no episode in this anime has done it better than episode 8, which I like to call the cat episode.

I don't have screenshots so I can't show you what the episode looks like, but I will summarize it a bit: Since she's able to use magic to make anything she draws come to life, Miho wonders if it'll apply to real life things as well, like animals. She tries it out. At first, it doesn't quite work, but when she comes home one day, she's elated to find the tiniest little kitten ever...and it's created by magic! Overjoyed by how the magic works, she decides to name the magic cat Lilu and play with it. But then Lilu wanders off, and she has to find it. Later, she does. I won't spoil the ending, but the show has a great message behind it: nothing lasts forever. It's my number one favorite anime episode EVER! Not even my number one anime could pull this off!

Moment #5: The simplest yet greatest anime episode ever.