December 24th, 2013

Merry (early) Christmas!

Merry Christmas!...Eve! Yeah, I know, it's not Christmas yet, but my family decided that today we can open our presents. Yay! So I got...

a Nintendo 2DS
Pokemon Y
Tsuritama DVD collection
Wolf Children DVD
Fancy Lala DVD volume 4
My Little Pony comic by Andy Price and Katie Cook, issue #10
A Fluttershy toy
My Little Pony trading cards
Pokemon Adventures manga volumes 8-14 (the entire Gold/Silver arc) and volumes 10-12 of the Black/White arc
07-Ghost manga volumes 6-7 (need volume 5)
My Little Pony pajama pants
My Little Pony socks
Three little dog plushies
a scarf

That's about it. We're going to see our relatives VERY early tomorrow, so that's why our parents said we could open presents today, and I'm glad I got to. Now I can play Pokemon X and Y! For anyone who's interested, my friend code is 3754-7778-5065!
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