May 16th, 2015

No More WarriorCatCody

I'm kinda sad right now. I just learned that one of my favorite authors on, WarriorCatCody, is leaving the site and his stories for a while to write his own books. I support his decision all the way, definitely plan on buying his books if they ever get published, and I hope he succeeds in his endeavors. Still, I really liked his Journey of an Autistic Trainer story, and I'm kinda sad to see it go on hiatus.

I will say this though: WarriorCatCody is one of many who helped me out of my self-doubt, self-hate, and writing crisis. He and many others who stood by me reminded me of why I write and why I love writing: to inspire people, give them something to relate to in times of crisis, and to make others happy, whether with kid friendly stories or adults only stories. He wasn't afraid to do what he wanted no matter what and was firm in his beliefs. I want to be like him and write what I want without fear of backlash. I guess in a way you could say he saved me from feeling like I'm a bad person just because I want to write about sensitive issues, badly executed or not.

Seriously guys, go read his stories. They're wonderful. He's a great writer who deserves all the support in the world. To all the writers out there: write whatever the heck you want. Don't let other people make you feel like garbage because you want to write what you want. If someone tells you you're some kind of horrible person for writing about adult issues like suicide or rape in a fandom for a kids show, or that you're a bad person for not putting warnings on it, don't listen to them. People are different, and some just aren't worth breaking your back over. You make the rules for what you want to write, and only you decide what criticism is worth listening to and what isn't. Don't let someone's hatred stop you from writing whatever you want. Create, as stories give people life and something to live for.