August 20th, 2015

Firechick's Game Reviews: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

I give the franchise's first foray into 3D...a 65/100.

I really wanted to like this game. I really did, and there were elements that I did like. I've loved the Mystery Dungeon games ever since they first came out. They were different, they were interesting, they immersed you in different pokemon worlds, and it was fun to be able to go to dungeons, find treasure, defeat enemies, save the world, recruit pokemon as friends, legendaries included that you normally can't get in other games, etc. I even liked the anime episodes, even though they were just 30 minute long commercials for the games! I really like Gen 5 of the series, as it introduces so many pokemon that are now my favorites of all time. I was late in picking up Gates To Infinity, as I was too obsessed with X and Y and ORAS to really think about another Mystery Dungeon games. But when I decided to finally dive into it, I read a lot of things on the internet saying that it was extremely disappointing, some considering it to be the worst in the series. I thought that I shouldn't believe what I read right off and played it, hoping that maybe it'll surprise me. I mean, sure, everything has their duds, right? I mean, it couldn't be as bad as everyone said, right? much as I wanted to deny it, it was inevitable. The backlash was 100% justified.

Like the previous games, you play as a human that was turned into a pokemon. You befriend another pokemon and go through dungeons together, find treasure, arrest outlaws, etc. However, you also have another job of creating a paradise for pokemon, as at the beginning of the game, you and your partner buy some land to cultivate, and you can use it to create gardens, shops, games, etc that can help you with your adventures. However, on the side, there's friction going on between various pokemon, as more and more of them are turning to crime or are becoming cruel. As it turns out, this change isn't natural, and it's up to you and your partner to figure out what's going on.

(more to come soon)