August 21st, 2015

Oh My God.

I am so freaking sad and mad right now. Penny bit one of my neighbors on her finger. She drew blood. I scolded her on the spot, but...I can't believe this! She actually attacked someone! She's normally so nice and friendly, but she gets so freaking excited and...uuuugh!! I'm actually crying right now. We're lucky Helen was kind and understood the situation, but she could have reported her to animal control! If someone found out she could have sent Penny somewhere to get euthanized! I can't believe this. This is all my fault. I'm a terrible dog owner. When is Andrea going to pick her up? I can't do this anymore. I love Penny but I just can't deal with her. Nothing I do rectifies her behavior.
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    Naoko Matsui - Joy To My Life