August 31st, 2015

Banned from Galaxy Cauldron for Two Weeks

Welp. Because of my stupidity I got put on probation, but then got banned for two weeks for probation noncompliance. I had no idea probation meant not coming to the site for a week. I guess it is my fault for constantly talking about internet drama where I shouldn't. Oh well. I have school to deal with, so I can wait and deal with it.
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I'm Dead. Kill Me, School.

Oh great. It's the first day and I'm already overwhelmed by universe sized pressure. I have to study for kanji quizzes every single day, I have to actually translate books and summarize them IN JAPANESE, my computer doesn't have the capabilities to translate English to Japanese so I have no choice but to rely on Google Translate even though everyone says its bad, a file I need to print out refuses to cooperate with me, I have to read a bunch of crap for tomorrow's classes, I need three textbooks, all in Japanese, but can only get them in a place neither my mom nor dad know anything about, and worst of all, I have to email a bunch of teachers so I can get my capstone project done and over with!!! And a book I read at the library grated on my nerves.

Isn't this suuuuuch a wonderful way to start the new semester? Someone please shoot me now.
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