September 12th, 2015

Me Is So Happy.

Something amazing happened to me. It may not be much to you guys, of my favorite authors, Wildstar93 (previously known as Warrior Cat Cody), author of Journey of an Autistic Trainer, the fan fic I love so much, likes my fan fic. He even said I portray autism better than he does. I don't think that's true, hear such kind words, and the fact that he genuinely likes my means so so so so SO much to me, especially after everything that happened these past years. THIS. THIS is why I write! To make others such as him happy!

I'll keep writing, no matter what. (I really need to rewrite those TwiPre chapters)

My awesome friend MonoTheMonochrome posted this on her Tumblr, so I'll post it here too because its important!

- You are an amazing person.
- You deserve to be loved and be happy.
- But, you deserve to love yourself too. Don’t sell yourself short.
- Whenever you’re feeling sad or not, you deserve a feel-good hug.
- And a pat on the shoulder too. I’m so proud of you that you conquered this day and its problems. Keep it up!
- Also, your opinion is not less valid than anyone else’s. No matter the reason.
- Don’t let people bring you down for liking/creating/drawning/writing/etc. something you enjoy. They should shut up.
- I deeply wish for you to be happy, comfortable and safe. Always.
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