October 6th, 2015

Abandoning TwiPre

You know what? Screw it. I'm abandoning the old TwiPre. Nothing I do will make it even remotely redeemable and acceptable in the eyes of the Precure fandom, not that I care about those whiny babies anymore. They're gonna hate it no matter what I do, so at this point I stopped caring about what they think. Truly, "Why The Fandom Can't Have Nice Things" happens far too often in real life, and now I know how those people feel. Actually, I think this applies to anyone who's been forced off of Tumblr and attacked for their creations by annoying fans who harass them over minute things and attacking them in a one-sided manner.

I'm making a new version after I graduate college. This time, nobody can police it or tell me what to do with it, with help from the best friends and critics I know. I'll do what Mono is doing with Monster Mania and recreate it from scratch. Because you know what? In the end, this is MY fan fic. This is MY story. You people don't have a right to run completely roughshod over me. I'm done with you. All you do is complain, whine, put words in my mouth (Which I know you do! Admit it! Stop denying it!), make up lies about me, act like you know me when you really don't, and act like everything you say and do is gospel. THAT is why I don't listen to you. Whether you're disabled, X-sexual, or were abused as a kid in some way is completely irrelevant. I'm not giving up. I'm going to write what makes me and others happy. You won't get in the way of my dream.
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