October 24th, 2015

Firechick's Anime Reviews: The Rose of Versailles

I give one of the first and most revered shoujo anime of all time...a 95/100!

If you ask a hardcore anime fan what the first or best shoujo manga/anime is, chances are they'll say Rose of Versailles, and everything I've heard about it has been nothing but praise for its strong female character, three dimensional and flawed characters, meticulous, detailed animation even by seventies standards, an ambitious, compelling story of the French Revolution and Marie Antoinette's reign over France, a dated yet still amazing soundtrack, and to this day it continues to be hailed as a classic by many. It takes a lot for something to achieve classic status and to continue to be revered over four decades. Some anime that are popular don't really deserve massive popularity, but some rare cases do. In Rose of Versailles' case, the hype behind it and its popularity is one hundred percent justified...and as of today, I'm a fan!

The story details events that took place before the French Revolution, and based on the manga by Riyoko Ikeda, which ran from 1974-1979. The story stars two main characters: Oscar Francoise de Jarjeyes, the female (but raised as male) commander of the Royal Guards in Versailles Palace, and Marie Antoinette, the then Queen of France whom the Royal Guards are deigned to protect, who...doesn't exactly prove to be the best or most responsible queen. As a result of her well intentioned yet bad decisions, the line between the rich and the poor deepens, and there is resentment from both the nobles and the commoners, the commoners especially, since they are without food, decent work, or clothes, and taxes are high. Soon, the poor will make their voice heard, having had enough of years of oppression from the nobility, and they'll make the nobles pay for their carelessness once and for all by any means necessary.

(more to come soon)