December 3rd, 2015

My 2DS is Broken!!!

Great. First my Alpha Sapphire game is completely gone, but the top screen of my 2DS is in shambles! Look!

And I even know what happened too! I must have dropped my bookbag too hard, and it fell face first on the floor, said bookbag being full of hard cover library books. I knew I shouldn't have brought it with me today! Oh well. It's my fault, so I might as well buy a new one. The top screen is so broken I can't see anything on there. At least 2DSes have SD cards with data on it, so everything on there is safe, all my virtual console games included. Uuuuuuuugh. 2015 is just not my year, now is it? Hopefully I can spend $100 on a new one and sell some old text books for at least a decent amount of cash to make it all back, and since I'm graduating in two weeks, my family might shower me with cash in gifts.
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