December 12th, 2015

12 Moments in Anime 2015 #4: Evolving Into a Pokemaniac

My love for Pokemon continues to dominate my life. In fact, I joined the Pokemon fandom recently. And I'm serious, after all the abuse that the Pretty Cure fandom put me through, I am glad I joined this fandom, because the people in this fandom (at least, from what I've seen on and Bulbagarden) are sooooooo much nicer, sensible, more mature, more understanding, and more rational than other fandoms I've been in. Other Pokemon stuff has happened, too. The XY anime is proving to be better than other seasons. The original Pokemon games, Red, Blue, and Yellow, are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console in February 2016 (and I'm buying them all). I even started my own Pokemon fan series, Pokemon: A Marvelous Journey, which has garnered a lot of praise and good criticism, and the reviewers and fans have been absolutely awesome. I've gotten back into buying Pokemon cards, I'm following online stores that have rare Pokemon merchandise not seen anywhere else (which I'll buy if my Dad sets me up with a PayPal account), all that stuff!

I think the Pokemon fandom is where I truly belong.

Moment #4: Finding a place in the Pokemon fandom and making my love for Pokemon evolve.