February 27th, 2016

My Computer's Cursed.

I swear to God, my computer must be cursed. Like the constant blue screening wasn't enough! Now any time I go on the internet, the pages keep freezing as soon as I get there, all these weird advertisements either pop up or change the website I'm on completely, and even though my anti-virus programs all say my computer's fine, nothing I do fixes the problem! Ugh! Screw it! I am SO asking Dad to build me a new computer. I can't take this one anymore! It has too many problems, and I'm pretty sure that Windows 7 isn't the problem, because my computer worked just fine, with or without Windows 7, before all the blue-screening and craziness happened!

Edit: I just installed Adblock Plus for Chrome and it seems to be helping somewhat. The three-tier ads that appear on the side of my computer haven't gone away, but at least I can delete them now, and the ads aren't popping up all the time.
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