May 7th, 2016

Why So Obsessed With My Weight?

I know they have good intentions, but Mom and Dad have suddenly become anal about making me lose weight. They won't buy me my favorite foods anymore (cookies and ice cream), they make me do 10-minute exercises every day (which I don't mind, but its boring), and they want me to try all these new foods I know I won't like. Why are they suddenly so concerned about my weight? I'm fine! It was never a problem before! Now they suddenly want me to stop eating white bread even though I've been eating it for years and I've been fine! Honestly, losing weight is the LEAST of my worries and problems for this year. I'm more concerned about finding a job, writing my fan fics, enjoying my life, and staying the heck away from Tumblr and all the social justice warriors that inhabit it! I walk around the neighborhood every single day, and I've lost seven pounds since January! Doesn't that count for something? I don't want to change the way I eat! They should be happy I'm not eating McDonald's food or French fries or drinking soda or eating potato chips!
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