July 2nd, 2016

I want my money back!!!

So...my mom and I went to our local Barnes and Noble and I got some books, two of which were manga. I read good reviews on one of them and I bought it...only to read the first few pages, and what do I find?

A scene of a fifth grader groping an older woman's boobs. Without shame. And it's depicted as comforting.


This is why I go to the library before buying books, so I can check them and make sure they DON'T pull these kinds of stunts before I buy them! But we couldn't go to the freaking library today because of a traffic jam! RAAAAAHHHHH!! I want my $13 back! I'm selling this thing on Ebay! And you wonder why the anime/manga industry has been going downhill over the past few years! Because people keep shoving this stuff in and parading them as perfectly good material!

If anyone's interested in buying my copy, go here. Please, someone get this blemish on my account off my hands.
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