December 24th, 2016

Thanks, Curtis! + Bought Zestiria!!!

Oh my goodness! My online friend just bought me three games off Steam! Child of Light, Final Fantasy 6, and another game! God, he's so awesome. I seriously don't deserve this, but thanks Curtis! You're the best!!! Though I wonder if I'll even be able to play Child of Light, considering all the UPlay and Ubisoft crap gave me so much trouble.

Also, Tales of Zestiria is on sale! And I bought it! PLEASE let me play it, computer!
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12 Moments in Anime 2016, #3: Yona of the Dawn

Well, I got bored one day and decided to finally check out Yona of the Dawn, or Akatsuki no Yona. At first, the first episode did put me off because of the whole Yona loves her cousin thing, but once I got past it, it was a surprisingly easy and awesome ride. The characters are all very likeable in their own ways, the animation is luscious, the music is very atmospheric, and the story has me wanting more. The comedy's rather hit or miss, the English dub's quality is debatable (I personally like it, even with the odd casting choices), and the whole story isn't told in the anime, but I plan on buying the whole manga so I'll be rectifying it! So yes, there are still good shoujo and reverse harem anime out there!

Moment #3: Watching Akayona, and seeing that good shoujo anime are still being made.

Merry Christmas Eve!

So...even though it's Christmas Eve, my family and I are going to visit relatives tomorrow, so we've decided to open our presents today, though we've been doing this since 2013. Anyway, here's my loot!

Snow White With The Red Hair season 1 DVD+Combo pack
Yona of the Dawn part 2 DVD+Combo pack
Vision of Escaflowne part 1 DVD+Combo pack (The one recently released by FUNimation this year, with the new dub)
Only Yesterday DVD
A new set of pajamas
A notebook
An ID card container
Pokemon Moon
A new hair turban (for after I take a shower)
$100 (Definitely going to my anime convention savings!)
An African bongo drum
Two $20 Nintendo eShop cards

My relatives are probably going to give me more tomorrow, so I'll probably update this when I get back. Oh! An awesome online friend also bought me the following games on Steam

Child of Light (Which I unfortunately can't play because of all the crap Ubisoft wants me to download that my computer obviously can't handle)
Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon
Final Fantasy 6

I also bought myself Tales of Zestiria, as it was on sale!
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12 Moments in Anime 2016, #2: Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon games have been coming out since 1996. Every few years, Nintendo and GameFreak make more games with every generation and new console that comes out. With Pokemon's 20th anniversary having come, obviously the creators needed to make something great so they could celebrate Pokemon's lasting impact on the world. Well, the result was Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Moment #2: Pokemon Sun and Moon changing Pokemon's formula and being the basis for Pokemon's 20th anniversary.