December 26th, 2016

12 Moments in Anime 2016, #1: Evolve Into a Symphony

When I heard that Pokemon was having a full-on orchestra organized, like Mario, Final Fantasy, and Zelda have in the past, I was ecstatic! Classical versions of some of my favorite Pokemon music pieces from my childhood and onward? Sign me up! I tried to find out if it played in my area with little success, and I wound up missing one event where it did come to our area. Thankfully, in January of this year, my dad and I managed to go to one in our area. I won't lie, it was amazing. Every piece was masterfully remade and crafted, whoever organized it put a whole lot of effort into it, the game footage accompanying the music was pretty awesome, some BGMs I didn't expect to be remade were (Let me ask you, did ANYONE expect Professor Sycamore's theme of all things to be orchestrated? Because I sure didn't! But they pulled it off with aplomb!), and the little easter eggs near the end were really cool. I'm really glad I went, because it was an amazing experience. I wish I could go again, because 2016 has been an awesome year for Pokemon, and stuff like this is proof that the love people like me have for Pokemon will always remain strong, considering everything the franchise has given us. As one of my favorite internet critics said, "We didn't get older. We just became masters."

Moment #1: Hearing the orchestrated sounds of your childhood.