December 30th, 2016

Good news + Bad news

So...good news and bad news, all personal.

1. Found out that Tales of Zestiria works better on my dad's computer than mine. His is stronger. I better hijack it when he's away at work. He's pretty easygoing about my using his computer whenever mine isn't working.
2. Job interview next week.
3. I finally have all the DVDs for Fancy Lala! I own the whole series!

1. My dad ordered me the movie Ernest and Celestine as a belated Christmas present. It came in the mail just now...but the case has the wrong disc! Instead of the movie, it has part of Dragnet season one. Ugh! This sucks! It really says something when I have a better time ordering movies off Ebay than Dad does on Amazon. I wonder how that happened? Well, we're gonna get to the bottom of this somehow. I feel so bad, though.
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