January 8th, 2017

Oh goodness...

Alright, I'm okay with my parents setting new rules for me regarding my big slip-up. Forward any job relevant emails to them and have them make sure I don't get certain dates wrong? Fine! That's cool! Have my parents be present when recruiters/employers call me, or have the phone be on speaker? Sure! I'm game! But have my door open whenever they're home from now on? All because they suspect I'm up to something skeevy? Uhh...no. That's one "rule" I don't like, and yes, I put rule in quotes because they actually said to my face that they think I'm up to something. Seriously? Do they not know who they're talking to?! Why would I ever be up to something skeevy?! I would never do something like that! Can't I watch my anime videos or play my Steam games in peace?! It's not like I'm plotting some conspiracy or something! What kind of person do they take me for?! I am definitely telling my therapist about this! I know they mean well, but this so-called rule is stupid!

Oh goody, 2017 is already starting off super great, all thanks to yours truly.

They're lucky I don't watch as much anime as often as I used to. There's no way I'm sacrificing my privacy or fun time.
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