December 12th, 2017

To Siri With Love: Don't Read It

So...apparently someone named Judith Newman published a book called To Siri With Love that's garnered a lot of flack. Justified backlash, I might add.

1. The authoress in question not only seems to despise her autistic son, she actually wants to get him a vastectomy when he turns 18 because she believes that, because he's autistic, he's not capable of being a parent. Bullcrap.
2. The authoress has used activists' work without permission, and when they confronted her about it, she acted like a brat towards them and told them to get a life.
3. The authoress apparently supports eugenics and sterilizing autistic people. Need I say more?
4. The authoress also goes into uncomfortable, intimate detail about what she feels her son's future sex life will be like, thinks the thought of his having sex is deplorable, and violates/invades his privacy every chance she gets. She also claims her son has no empathy and can't feel emotions (especially not being embarrassed), yet she doesn't love him and actively embarrasses him because she believes those stereotypes.

Don't believe me? Read these articles and see what's up. Do we really want people to read this book and think that this is how we should treat autistic people? Do people really believe this is how parents should treat their autistic kids? I'm sure if my parents read this, they'd be disgusted, and I'm disgusted just reading about all of this woman's shenanigans. I normally don't like to get involved with this kind of stuff, because I have a life and I have no interest in becoming an activist or things like that. However, I just couldn't ignore this at all.

Please, boycott this book. There are way better books out there that teach people about autism by people who actually care and understand it. Don't waste your money on Judith Newman's garbage.
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