February 15th, 2018

Winter 2018 Anime Choices, Old & New

So...I've decided that this year I'm gonna get out of my anime burnout once and for all, which is good since a lot of truly good new anime have been coming out. And here they are!


1. A Place Further Than The Universe
One would think an anime about girls going to Antarctica would be absolutely dumb and ridiculous, right? Well, oddly enough, the show not only plays this premise as seriously as it can, it's actually really good! The girls are reasonably well developed and likeable, the premise--while still admittedly contrived--is well executed in that it gradually builds everything up and shows the pros, cons, and building process of the expedition, and the drama is very well done.

2. Yuru Camp
Here's your healing anime of the season, and it's about camping!

3. Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card
Thought Sakura Kinomoto had retired, huh? Well, she's back, and better than ever!...and in middle school. Yeah.

4. Mitsuboshi Colors
A bunch of little kids being mischievous and going on adventures. It's actually not as annoying and diabetes-inducing as one would assume.

5. Sanrio Danshi
Yeah, yeah, I know, Sanrio trying to promote their toys through hot guys who like them...with a moral lesson about liking cute things not being a bad thing? Huh, maybe it's trying to go the My Little Pony route. I thought it kinda cute and fun...though I have to admit, Kouta's so-called traumatic backstory was REALLY stupid and ridiculous (He basically threw a hissy fit at her because of something that wasn't her fault and refused to apologize to her, even after she died. Why didn't his parents punish him for that?!). But that won't stop me from watching it.


1. Tokyo Mew Mew

2. Someday's Dreamers: Natsu no Sora