February 22nd, 2018

Stupid Me...

Do you guys ever feel like everything you say or do always winds up upsetting or angering someone, even when you don't mean to be and are just trying to help? That's how I feel a lot of the time. I just talked to my sister on the phone just to see how she's doing, and she's doing fine in light of some bad situations she went through. She asked me my opinion on something even though I knew telling her would just make her upset, but she told me to tell her and I did...and it still wound up angering/upsetting her, and I wanted to avoid that. Honestly, some days I wish I was mute, that way nobody's feelings would get hurt as soon as I open my mouth. It feels like anything I say or do always, ALWAYS makes someone angry or upset, even when I'm just trying to help or be nice! I know part of being autistic is sometimes not knowing what's appropriate to say, but I'm not using that excuse. I'm just so, so, so sick of always making people mad whenever I say or do just about anything!
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