June 3rd, 2020

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So I normally don't like to talk about real world events on here, but considering how bad things have gotten in the past week, this isn't something that I can ignore. I know there isn't really much I can do to help in situations like these, other than donate some money to BLM charities and offer words of encouragement for anyone who's actually dealing with this stuff right now. So this is all I'm going to say on the matter:

To the cops who willingly hurt innocent people or look away when they see one of their own doing it, you need to take responsibility for your actions and do the right thing. The police are supposed to protect and serve the people, not hurt them, and if you're dealing with someone who actually committed a crime, big or small, don't do more than is necessary to process them. And think before you fucking act!

To the idiots deliberately infiltrating peaceful protests to cause wanton violence, larceny, and destruction, just don't do that. You're not doing anything except making things worse on both sides. There's absolutely no excuse for looting, vandalism, or destruction of property for any reason. Granted, looting and vandalism are small potatoes in light of what's happening, but you still shouldn't do that! It's basic common sense! You should know better!

To Trump: Fuck you. You are the absolute worst president ever, and I hate what my country has become because of you, your colossal stupidity, and utter lack of empathy and compassion. You're better off just resigning and staying the hell away from any high position in the White House completely. We don't want you running America to the ground and screwing over everyone who doesn't give you your way. Your actions are only making things worse for everyone, and your monstrous hypocrisy throughout this whole brouhaha really ought to be the death of you, so just, for once, shut your dickhole!

To anyone who is scared, worried, and concerned about what's going on: It's okay to be afraid and worried. You have every right to be, no matter your race or skin color. Whether you want to actually join peaceful protests, donate money to charities or genuine good causes, post messages like this on social media, read up on African-American history, or have tough conversations with friends and family, every little bit helps. Don't ever feel like you're not doing anything to help in these tough times. We have to come together and set a GOOD example of what a community and country should be. We have to be better and do what we can to help.
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