December 4th, 2020


It took me the better part of less than 15 years, but after so much searching, I FINALLY now own all 17 volumes of the Haruka: Beyond The Stream of Time manga!!!
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12 Moments In Anime 2020, #11: Back To The Beginning

Years ago, nobody in the United States would have even heard that there was a video game series called Fire Emblem. The only reason people would have even heard about it was through various characters appearing in the Super Smash Bros games. Now, though? It's a household name, what with titles like Awakening, Fates, Shadows of Valentia, and Three Houses having taken the world by storm over the past decade alone. I myself am not necessarily a fan, as strategy games have never been my thing, but several friends and acquaintances I know absolutely ADORE this series for varying reasons, whether it be the characters, storylines, gameplay, and so on. Oddly enough, the very first game in the series, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for the NES, was never released outside of Japan, as again, the US didn't care for Fire Emblem until much later. It did get a remake for the Nintendo DS years after the fact, but its reception was debatable at best. At this point in time, many considered the first game to be lost to the ages outside of fan translations.

...That is, until Nintendo randomly announced out of nowhere that, in honor of the franchise's 30th anniversary, they would be putting an official localized version of the game on the Nintendo Switch's eShop. Said version would come with various quality-of-life improvements compared to the original, and...for some reason fans can't seem to fathom, Nintendo is going to pull the game after March 31st, and the reception to that reveal has been...less than ideal. Even so, Fire Emblem fans were hyped as hell to finally get their hands on the game that started it all.

It may be late in the game, but welcome to the US, Fire Emblem. You set the stage for everything, and now you yourself have graced us with your appearance, and we're so happy you're here.

Moment #11: The very first Fire Emblem being released in the US, albeit for a limited time.