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New Year Resolutions

I normally NEVER make New Year resolutions, because I never follow through with them. But next year, things seriously need to change. I need to:

1. Make more friends
2. Rekindle my love for anime and certain fandoms
3. Learn to love drawing again
4, Learn to love writing (and fan fic writing) again
5. Learn to love myself again
6. Not be victimized by certain people
7. Be proud of the work I put out
8. Get better at my studies
9. Enjoy college and the last days of it that I have
10. Get outside more
11. Be less anxious about everything
12. Be confident in myself
13. Not be afraid to tackle serious real life issues such as rape and abuse in my works
14. Spend less time around bad places
15. Reach out to people and get the help I need
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