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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 6

 Here's chapter 6!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 6
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Friendship

EPISODE 6: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The weekend is finally here and everyone gets to spend it at their own discretion. And what a particularly nice weekend in May it is, nice and sunny and not a cloud in the sky could be seen! However, two people in particular decided to begin their weekend with a song...well, one person and a funny looking bird the size of a 6 year old child.

"'Is there anything you want to protect?'
She asks as she approaches her knight.
The tender tears streaming down her cheeks,
Show how weak her kind and gentle heart is.
Those tiny hands cannot hold onto such vast dreams.
Perhaps joyous and jubilant dreams of happiness and concord,
Can surely surpass the cold, hard-feeling reality.
'It is you who I want to protect!' He declares,
His blade shining under the golden sunbeams,
Like a warm light in the cold darkness.
The angel's white wings spread far and wide,
The small white feathers scatter over their heads,
The sky's the limit, and happiness,
Is meant to be cherished, not taken advantage of.
'I wonder if we can be happy together?' She asks,
Her heart filling with warmth,
From the happy memories they made together."

Melody Shimotsuki and her feathered Digimon partner, Biyomon, were performing a duet. Melody joyously and merrily plucked the strings on her guitar and danced in a funny Beatles-esque dance and sang, and Biyomon's wings pounded on the small bongos. She danced and sang along with her partner, her pretty voice coming from her red beak. With a final pluck of the string and beat of the bongo, they finally finished and struck a pose. Melody sighed and put her guitar on the foot of her bed.

"That turned out better than I expected!" Melody said as she walked to her computer desk and pulled something out from the small shelf next to it. Biyomon was just absolutely starry-eyed.

"Oh! I still cannot get enough of this song! How wonderful and heroic it sounds!" Biyomon said with wonder as she put her winged claws together and looked up at the ceiling with starry eyes clouded with wonder.

"Heroic was what I was aiming for. Catch!" Melody told her and threw a small box at her. Biyomon successfully caught it in between her wings and looked at it. The box read "Strawberry Pocky!!" Biyomon was quite confused.

"What's pocky?" Biyomon asked as she saw Melody chew on a little yellow stick covered with a pink miasma (as Biyomon put it).

"It's a candy. Try one! They're good!" Melody said as she sat back on her bed in a strange pose and proceeded to eat the rest of her pocky stick. Biyomon pulled one out and snapped part of it off with her beak. Once she got a taste of it, her face beamed with joy.

"Woooow! It's so good!" Biyomon exclaimed.

"Isn't it?" Melody said. After Biyomon finished the rest of her pocky stick, she walked in front of the mirror hanging on the wall next to Melody's computer desk and began prepping herself up.

"I'm so glad you have a mirror, Melody. Sometimes dancing or singing can make your feathers terribly messy. You don't have feathers so you wouldn't know, but I wouldn't like going out with messy feathers!" Biyomon said as she brushed herself with her wings.

"You need a brush? I have one if you wanna use it," Melody said as she threw a soft bristled brush at Biyomon, who successfully caught it again.

"Thank you!" Biyomon said as she began brushing herself with the brush. She was already loving how soft and not prickly the brush is, so it was perfect for her. But then she noticed something odd.

"Melody...forgive me if I'm being rather rude, but why is it that you don't like to make yourself look pretty?" Biyomon asked.

"I'm not interested in being pretty," Melody replied sharply.

"But wouldn't you like being called pretty? I bet people would like you if you styled your hair differently or wore a little make up."

"People wouldn't like me even if I prepped myself up like some super model. And besides, make up and false compliments aren't my style. I like to do my own thing and be myself, without having people tell me what to do or what to wear or what to say or anything. I don't care how people view me. If they don't like how I look then that's their problem. If they don't like me at all, fine with me! But anyone who messes with me is mincemeat! Unlike some people I know who complain about their appearance every single day or angst about how life sucks for them, I like to live it up. Enjoy life with what I have and do whatever I want, without worry or angst or unnecessary trouble! I like to live my life without having expectations put on me. Being told what to do is not me. I don't want to impress people. Know what I mean?"

Biyomon was quite surprised. Melody's the type of girl who does her own thing without worrying about what others say about her behind her back or how other people think of her. Those things don't seem to phase her. Here she is, sitting on the foot of her bed enjoying a pocky stick with such a calm and relaxed but somewhat still indifferent looking expression on her face and enjoying every minute of it. She doesn't want to wear make up or pretty things or prep herself up or do anything to impress other people. Meeting people who want to put expectations on her is the last thing she'd want. Melody just goes with the flow. No complaining, no angsting, no claiming that life sucks, nothing like that at all. Biyomon was another story entirely. She absolutely hates getting dirty and loves grooming herself and making herself look pretty, presentable, and fashionable, even though all she did was stay in Melody's room all the time when her parents were here. She knew Melody's intentions were good and she understood this very well, but she still didn't like being cooped up all the time. She wouldn't like it at all if someone called her ugly or disgusting or gross. She did know that humans didn't know the true existence of Digimon, but she feared being called names like that greatly. Melody, however, just simply doesn't care what people say about her. This impressed Biyomon.

' really are a great person. You don't care about what anybody thinks and just do your own thing. Nothing seems to phase you. Maybe I should try to follow your example,' Biyomon thought as she gazed upon her relaxed and unperturbed partner with her cerulean blue eyes.

"Okay then. That's perfectly fine. Sorry I said those things if it was rude," Biyomon said.

"Yeah, it was rude. But it's alright," Melody replied sharply.

Now THIS shocked Biyomon the most. Now she knows of another word to describe Melody: blunt. Very very blunt. Totally unrestrained with what she says, possibly even toward friends and family.

Trying to regain her composure, something seemed to catch her attention. Next to Melody's computer is a picture frame containing a photo of some kids. Three little girls and one little boy. One has slightly black hair in a funny boyish style and light brown eyes, wearing a short sleeved red and white striped shirt with dark blue sleeves, beige shorts, white socks, and brown shoes. The girl next to her has slightly longer dark brown hair and pretty green eyes like emeralds, wearing a sleeveless cream colored shirt with a ribbon on the chest part and frills on the cuffs, blue shorts with flower embroidery on the cuffs, light pink socks, and black and white shoes. She's smiling. The third girl has blonde hair tied in two wiggly pigtails going down her shoulders with pink bead accessories, violet eyes, and is wearing a short sleeved white shirt with a picture of a pink butterfly on it, a red violet skirt, white socks, and pink shoes. The boy has messy brown hair, hazel green eyes, and is wearing a blue shirt, black shorts, orange and green sneakers, and white socks. He's smiling and flashing the peace sign. All of them looked to be around 7 or 8 years old. But something about them seemed to be familiar to her. She just couldn't put her finger on what it was. She decided to ask Melody.

"Melody? Do you know who these kids are?" Biyomon asked as she showed the picture to her.

"In my picture?" Melody asked.

"Yes! They sort of look like Yun-san and Minako-san and Kosuke-san," Biyomon said.

"That's because they ARE Yun, Minako, and Kosuke," Melody replied. Biyomon was shocked.

"What?! But...but they're so little! They couldn't be them!" Biyomon exclaimed.

"Don't get your feathers in a knot. This was taken when we were little. We were all seven years old back then. Wanna know something even more shocking? This girl here with the black hair and sort of confused stare..." Melody pointed to her. "That's me."

Now Biyomon was surprised.

"THIS is you? But you don't have red bangs!" Biyomon yelped.

"I didn't dye my hair yet," Melody replied.

"If these are really you guys when you were little, then...awwww! You're all soooo cute!" Biyomon said as she gazed upon the picture, now in a happy and dreamy manner.

"Aren't you a funny one."

"Oh! If this girl here is Yun, then...I hope you don't mind me asking, but I noticed through our small Digimon Brigade meeting that you seem to get along better with her than you do the other kids. Why is that?" Biyomon asked softly and politely so she wouldn't irritate Melody or make her mad. Melody just simply stood up from the bed, took the picture, and gazed upon it softly with her light brown eyes.

" the first friend I ever made. And I'm the first friend she's ever made too. We're totally different, yet we still stick together
like glue even now. It all began long ago, about a week after school started..." Melody said as she humbly and quietly ambled on the road
called memory lane and went back in time.


Trapped among a sea of children playing and running around happily on the black top during recess, a young Melody did nothing but sit on a bench and manipulate some string with her hands and fingers. Cat's Cradle it was called. Her hair was short and jet black, styled in a rather boyish looking style, but she didn't mind. She wore nothing but a sleeveless light green shirt, beige khaki shorts, black socks and white shoes. It's supposed to be really cold today, but apparently this girl didn't care. She didn't even bring a jacket with her. She moved her slender little legs up and down as she shaped the string in between her fingers over and over again. She focused solely on the string and absolutely nothing else.

That is, until a loud, piercing cry suddenly made her lose her focus.

She got off the bench and began looking around for the source of the loud cry. There were so many kids she couldn't quite tell where it was coming from since the noise level was high. Thankfully enough, a second cry helped her find the source.

"Weave me awone!!"

The sound took her to a circle of kids surrounding another girl. Particularly one with short dark brown hair (longer than Melody's) and wearing a pair of blue overalls over a cream colored sweater. Some kids were hitting her and pushing her. She tried to get away, but nobody would let her.

"Give it up, you big baby!! Admit it! You stole them!" One boy yelled angrily.

"Yeah! You took 'em! Now give 'em back!" Another boy yelled.

"Thief! Dirty little thief!!" Another boy yelled again.

The girl in the overalls is crying.

"I...I didn't...take anyfin...weave me awone!" The girl wailed and wailed, trying to wriggle her way out of the malicious and mean-spirited circle, but one boy hit her and pushed her to the ground.

"Shut up!! Give 'em back NOW!!" The first boy screamed.

Appalled by what was happening to her, Melody finally decided she couldn't just stand around and watch anymore. Clenching her fists and standing tall and erect and in a dignified pose, she humbly marched toward the boys.

"Hey! You leave her alone!" Melody edicted LOUDLY and strongly, loud enough for her to get the boys' attention. She stared at them with a courageous and merciless look in her brown eyes.

"Who are you?!" The first boy asked.

"You shouldn't pick on other people! It's wrong! Takatsuki-sensei said so!" Melody told them sternly and lucidly.

"She stole my Digimon cards! We're just tryin' to make her admit it!" The first boy replied.

"Yeah! She's a sneaky little thief!" The second boy pointed at her mercilessly.

"She did it! We know it!" The third boy said. But Melody wasn't buying it. Not one bit.

HOW do you know she stole them?" Melody asked.

This made the boys step back a bit.

"Huh? What mean, how--?" The first boy tried to ask, but Melody stood before him once more, this time she walked closer to him. Their noses practically rubbed against each other.

"Did you SEE her do it? Did she TELL you she took them? Did someone TELL you that they SAW her steal them? How do you know she really stole them without proof? Proof is the key! And look, she doesn't look like the type to do anything like that!" Melody told them bluntly and totally straight out. The boy she was standing in front of was getting mad. In a paroxysm of anger, he pushed Melody.

"Get out of my face, stupid!" The boy exclaimed angrily as he pushed Melody. Thankfully, this was the worst thing he could've done.


A young woman with a long and flouncy ponytail saw the unlawful deed and stood before the boy, Takashi, with an angry face. Melody got up and ran toward Yun.

"Don't you know that it's wrong to bully other kids and push them? I thought you knew better!" The lady explained very sternly with her arms crossed.

"I ain't pickin' on anyone! That little baby over there stole my Digimon cards and she won't admit it!" Takashi yelled back.

"By Digimon cards, do you mean...these?" The lady asked as she pulled a deck of Digimon cards from her left jean pocket. Takashi's face beamed with joy.

"Wow! Those are them! Where'd ya find them?" Takashi asked.

"I saw Kouta take them from your bag. I thought about giving them back to you..." The lady said as Takashi attempted to take the deck of cards from her hand, but right as she saw what he wanted to do she swiftly raised her hand up so he wouldn't reach them. "BUT! Now that I saw you do what you've done, you won't be getting them back until school ends!"

"WHAT?! That's no fair, Takatsuki-sensei!" Takashi whined.

"Now, you and your friends go inside and stay with Nakano-sensei until recess ends!" Miss Takatsuki told them strictly as she pointed to the door that led back into the school building.



Sad and crestfallen with humiliation and guilt, Takashi and his friends went inside the school building. Melody was surprised with how well Miss Takatsuki handled the situation. But one thing hadn't stopped at all: Yun's crying. Upon seeing this, Melody and Miss Takatsuki ran to her aid.

"Yun-chan? Yun-chan? Can you hear me? There there. Don't cry, dear," Miss Takatsuki crooned softly, trying to mollify the crying girl, Yun, but she wasn't stopping. Another thing Melody noticed was that she kept her hands on her ears and rocked back and forth like she was pretending to be a rocking chair. This confused her.

"Oh dear. I should go get Asami-sensei. Melody-chan? Stay with her, okay?" Miss Takatsuki said and decided to run back into the school building and get someone who knew how to handle Yun when she had these moments.

Melody didn't know what to do. She wanted to go back to the bench and play with her cat's cradle, but her legs wouldn't move. She didn't want to just leave Yun sitting in the middle of the black top crying and wailing like that the whole time. What if another group of kids decided to bully her? But she also didn't like seeing people cry. Not just because it made her sad, but because it annoyed her. She wanted her to stop crying, but what could she do. All she did was finger the string in her hands.

The string. This gave her an idea.

Melody played around with her cat's cradle a bit and kneeled before Yun.

"Yun-chan. Yun-chan! Wanna see something cool? Look!" Melody told her. Surprisingly enough, upon hearing Melody's voice, Yun's crying finally lessened into a whimper as she saw Melody manipulate the string with her fingers.

"Look at this! Isn't it cool?" Melody told her as she showed the whimpering Yun the string forming a diamond, a square, and a few other shapes. This seemed to catch Yun's interest very much.

"What that?" Yun asked.

"It's called cat's cradle," Melody told her.

She expected a response, but nothing like this.

"That not a cat! Not a cwadle, either! That string!" Yun edicted.

"Yes, it's string. But if I make it into shapes like this, it's called cat's cradle," Melody told her.

"No! No no no! Not a cat! Not a cwadle! String! String string string!" Yun exclaimed again. This made Melody quite flabbergasted. How could she think cat's cradle is a real cat or a cradle?

'I guess she doesn't get that it's the name of this activity,' Melody thought, speculating that this is the only reason why Yun exclaimed the way she did. Maybe she's never done cat's cradle before or seen it before, or is used to seeing real cats and real cradles where babies are kept in. As Melody was lost in her thoughts, Yun finally stopped crying. Now she seemed to be interested in Melody herself.

"What your name?" Yun asked innocently.

"Melody. Shimotsuki Melody. You're Yun, right?" Melody replied.

"Yeff! Wakamiyun!!" Yun edicted with a smile for the first time.

"Your last name's Wakami?" Melody asked.

"Actually, it's Wakamiya Yun," The voice came from Miss Takatsuki, who brought Miss Asami with her. Though now it seemed the situation is finally under control.

"Why does she say Wakamiyun?" Melody asked.

"Her speech isn't exactly perfect, so she can't say a lot of words right just yet, not even her own name. She'll get it soon. Good job, today, Melody-chan! Not only did you stand up to the boys, you cheered her up!" Miss Takatsuki told her with a smile. Yun didn't seem to understand or comprehend what they were talking about. Melody blushed.

"I...I just don't like when kids are being mean, that's all," Melody said.

"Yun-chan? Were those boys being mean to you?" Miss Takatsuki asked softly.

"Yeff!! Mean boys! Mean boys! Mean mean mean!" Yun exclaimed and jumped up and down to emphasize her feelings.

"Okay then. Let's go inside, shall we?" Miss Asami extended her hand out to Yun, but she stuck to Melody instead.

"No! Me stay with Mewodi!" Yun yelled as she clung to Melody like she was a leech.

This surprised Melody. She sure didn't expect someone like Yun to actually want to stay with her, or let alone have anything to do with her at all! She blushed and her face became rosy red. Miss Takatsuki smiled.

"Melody-chan? I think Yun-chan wants to be your friend!" Miss Takatsuki told her with a smile.

" think so?" Melody asked.

"What's a fwend?" Yun asked. This surprised Melody even more.

'Poor girl. Surrounded by so many kids and you don't know what a friend is?' Melody thought to herself. But she didn't tell Yun that. Instead she decided to explain. "A someone who's not a part of your family, but who loves you, plays with you, and tells you secrets."

"Right! Very good, Melody!" Miss Asami said.

"Yun-chan? Ask Melody if you can be friends with her," Miss Takatsuki told her.

"How I do that?" Yun asked.

"Say 'Melody, can we be friends please?' Like that!" Miss Takatsuki advised slowly and lucidly so Yun could understand. Yun got off of Melody and stepped back a bit, giving her some space.

"Mewodi. Can we be...fwends?" Yun asked.

Melody didn't quite know what to do. But then again, she couldn't help but be charmed by this girl's dark chocolate brown hair, striking emerald eyes, chubby rosy cheeks, sweet smile, and totally innocent demeanor. What could go wrong? Melody smiled at her.

"Sure. Why not?" Melody said.

Soon, the two girls played together until the end of recess, and they were both loving it.

(end flashback)

"...and that's about it," Melody concluded her story with the last bite of another pocky stick.

"Wow! How perfectly lovely! Friendship is such a wonderful thing, isn't it? It's hard to believe you two have stuck together all this time!" Biyomon exclaimed happily.

"Well...not exactly."

"What do you mean?"

"When I turned nine, some stuff happened and we got separated. We didn't fight or anything. No, we never fight. Some stuff was happening in my life and I didn't see her again until 6 months ago."

"Oh. I see. But now you two are back together and are rekindling your friendship! The bonds of friendship are wonderful, indeed!"

"Yeah. Hey. Wanna go to the park and hang out for a while? It's still morning."


Melody hopped out of the window of her room with Biyomon trailing behind her, and they both dashed to the park. It took them about a few short minutes to get there since Melody lives closer to it than Yun does, so they got there without difficulty. Biyomon was especially happy with being able to fly and go outside for once. They finally got there and were happy to see that it was totally empty. The trees that the Ogremon knocked down before had been cleared off, which is why the authorities closed the park down until today. But even though it's open to the public now, it's still not a very well known park, and not very many people go there. Whether it was because there's a pond in the woods next to it (which there is) or because the swings or the spinning wheel were starting to get rusty and old, nobody knows and nobody bothered to tell Melody. But she didn't care. She was just happy to be here, though she didn't show it with her face. Biyomon surely did though. She flew to a tree branch and sat on it like a normal bird.

"Wow! What a great view! Everything looks smaller!" Biyomon exclaimed happily as she gazed at everything from her tree branch.

"That's because of how high you are from the ground. If you're in a high or low place, your perspective and field of vision either expands or lessens," Melody explained calmly.

"You're right! How very smart of you!" Biyomon replied happily.

"Actually, I just learned about that in science class yesterday."

"That doesn't matter. You're still very smart!"

"Actually, Omori Minako's the smart one."

"Minako? Isn't she Salamon's partner?"

"Yes. The blonde one with purple eyes."

"Oh! Now I know who you mean!"

"You like her?"

"I don't know. She looks nice and pretty enough, but she looks kinda sad from when I saw her."

"There's a good reason for that. Her little brother died."

"Died? Shouldn't he turn into a Digiegg and come back?"

"No. Unlike you Digimon, we humans aren't data. And once we die, we can't come back no matter what."

Biyomon became crestfallen. "Oh. I sad."

"It is. Minako's been pretty depressed about it. Not that I blame her, of course. But she's Yun's friend too. Do me a favor and don't tell anyone I told you this, alright?"

"Okay! I promise! I'll do anything for my partner!"

"How do you like the other kids?"

"They're nice, I suppose. Unfortunately, I honestly DO NOT like that freckled boy named Nobara Riku. He's so impulsive and vulgar! He actually had the audacity to hoist me into the air in such a sudden and inappropriate manner! And to treat me like I'm some fashionable toy that just came out! How impudent he is!"

"Riku can be hyper. He has ADHD."

"ADHD? What's that?"

"Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It means he can't control himself and says stuff he wants without thought of consequence and is really hyper."

"Is that so? Well, I certainly don't want to be in his presence, thank you very much! I would much rather be with you, someone who's very sensitive to others' feelings, yet cool and very distinguished from others!"

"You think so? Most people I know call me a punk or a goth, not that I care. And if you think Riku's vulgar, you'd absolutely hate these kids named Nenji and Seiko!"


"Nemoto Nenji and Shimizu Seiko. They're the stupidest and snottiest and cruelest kids in my school! Nemoto's a boy, and he's always wearing big sports jerseys and his pants always sag to the point where his undies are shown! He's always bullying and picking on Yun for his own self-satisfaction!"

"Ewwww! How utterly gross! I would not like to see someone else's underwear!"

"Exactly! But he doesn't care. All he likes to do is make Yun miserable! Plus there's this girl Shimizu. She's kinda like you when it comes to beauty. She's always doing stuff like putting on make up or polishing her nails or looking at her little compact mirror. She's really popular. But unlike you, she's snotty and cruel and doesn't give a rat's hat about anyone but herself, and she's also always picking on Yun. She's convinced that people can only succeed in life by being thin, attractive, snobby, great at everything, and rich."

"Now THAT's just stupid! I may care too much about my appearance, but even I know better than to think it'll get you somewhere in life!"

"Tell that to Shimizu. She won't listen. She doesn't listen to anyone but herself."

"I'd like to peck her skull!"

"Please do!"

"Well, I am thankful that I have you as my partner. As you said before, you don't care about what anyone else thinks of you. You don't like being told what to do or what to say or anything like that. You like to live it up and enjoy yourself while still being true to yourself. I like that in a human!"

Melody couldn't help but blush upon hearing Biyomon's kind, though slightly vain, words. Nobody has ever called her distinguished before. She always did try to distinguish herself from other people, both physically and socially. She never cared about how other people thought of her or perceived her. That was their problem. Yet...nobody seemed to acknowledge her as her own person. Nobody except Yun, of course...and now, it seems Biyomon is acknowledging her as a person as well. But at the same time, Melody could see something in Biyomon that she just would not want to tell her.

'Biyomon kinda reminds me of that girl Amy from...what was that book again? Little Women? Yeah, that's the one! And what were the words Yun used to describe her again? Oh yeah! Vain and worldly. Biyomon's kinda vain and worldly, but not the Shimizu style vain and worldly. Love of God, I don't think I could tolerate a Digimon version of Shimizu!' Melody thought.

She wanted to talk with Biyomon more, but something that literally dashed out from the rustling bushes surprised her enough to stop her from doing so. This something, or rather, someone, turned out to be a little girl of seven years old. The girl has very short black hair in a boyish style and chocolate brown eyes, darker than Melody's. She is wearing a long, sleeveless white dress with a dark blue sailor collar and a lavendar bandana wrapped underneath it, along with black shoes and white socks. There are leaves in the girl's hair. Melody ran to her with a slightly worried look on her face.

"You alright?" Melody asked. The girl looked up at her with fear in her eyes.

"Umm...I'm sorry to bother you, but...please help me!" The girl replied, her voice shaking with fear. A second later, Melody learned of the reason for her being scared.

"There she is! Get her!"

Three boys appeared from the bush. The little girl quickly hid behind Melody, hoping she would protect her from the rogue trio of boys. She could see it reappearing before her. The very day she met Yun. It was so ironic. She talked about it with Biyomon just a few minutes ago. Now she is reliving that fateful memory again.

"Hey you! Outta the way! This girl's a thief!" The first boy exclaimed.

"I didn't steal anything! Honest!" The girl yelled.

"Liar liar pants on fire!" The second boy taunted mercilessly with a wicked smile on his face.

It was inevitable. Melody could NOT ignore this situation, even if she was reliving that fateful memory of her very first encounter with Yun. She decided to stay. But this time, she decided to stand up to them with a vastly different approach.

"What do you rascals think you're doing?" Melody asked in a VERY low voice.

"Goin' after her, of course! She stole my Bakugan top!" The first boy exclaimed.

"You don't know that! I don't even like Bakugan!" The girl replied.

"Shut up, you thief!" The first boy retaliated.

"Yeah! Thief!" The second boy said.

"Let's arrest her like the police men do on TV!" The third boy said.

But they couldn't get past Melody. No they couldn't. Why? Because Melody continued to look down at them with her arms crossed and with a VERY VERY VERY scary and intimidating look on her face. An expression that seemed to emit a very dark and evil aura. Even the boys could feel the eeriness and scariness of Melody's expression.

"You DO have proof that this girl stole your Bakugan toy, don't you?" Melody asked.

This question alone made them all scream.

"Gyaaaaaaaah!! RUN AWAAAAAAAY!!" All three boys scurried away like scared cats being chased by a rabid dog.

Melody was left alone with the girl, who finally let go of her and smiled at her very sweetly.

"Umm...thank you for saving me," The girl said in a sweet voice. Melody couldn't help but smile, kneel to her level, and rub the leaves out of her head with her hand.

"You're welcome. But how'd you get caught up in that mess?" Melody asked.

"Well...I heard them say their Bakugan toy was stolen in school, but I didn't really say anything because I needed to focus on my work. All I wanted to do is play in the park this morning. I don't know why, but they were there and they started chasing me," The girl explained.

"Now why would a bunch of boys wake up early and go to the park at this hour?" Melody asked.

"I wanna know that too," The girl said.

"But more importantly, why are you at the park at this hour? Shouldn't you be at home?" Melody asked. The girl looked down at her shoes and looked a little shy and reluctant to explain.

"Well, see, uh--" Thankfully, she didn't have time to explain.


Out from the bushes popped out a very tiny pink fairy! It surprised both Melody, Aria, and Biyomon! Especially Biyomon because the fairy's appearance made her fall out of the tree and down onto the grass! Biyomon was NOT happy.

"Nooo! Now I'm covered in leaves and grass!" Biyomon whined.

"Is that...a Digimon?" Melody asked, referring to the pink fairy who appeared by Aria's side who is shocked right now.

"Oh no! I picked the wrong time to come, didn't I?" The pink fairy exclaimed, shocked by this turn of events.

But the little girl, Aria, was actually smiling.

"Wow! You have a Digimon too? That's so cool!" Aria exclaimed as she saw Biyomon. She walked toward her, pulled the leaves and grass out of her, and smoothed her feathers out.

"There! All better!" Aria said as she finished her grooming. Biyomon stood up, looking very impressed. They're both the same height.

"Th-Thanks very much, little girl," Biyomon said.

Soon, the two girls and two Digimon found a bench and decided to sit on it.

"Hello! I'm Yukino Aria, and this is my Digimon, MarineAngemon!" Aria introduced herself and her pink fairy friend, MarineAngemon.

"Good morning! It's nice to meet you!" MarineAngemon said in a sweet voice.

"N-Nice to meet you too..." Melody said in a rather forced voice. To be honest, she was quite surprised. 'This little pipsqueak has a Mega level Digimon?! How in the world can this be?! I oughta tell Yun about this!' Melody thought. "I-I'm Shimotsuki Melody."

"Now we're friends!" Aria said innocently.

"Yes. Yes we are..." Melody replied.

"Oh! I don't know if I should tell you, but I have two other friends who have Digimon! They're your age!"

"Who are they?"

"Yun-chan and Mina-chan."

"What Digimon do they have?"

"Yun-chan has Lopmon and Terriermon. Mina-chan has Salamon."

Melody's shock was beginning to overcome her. One surprise after another in one morning! First the reliving of the memory she relished, then the discovery of this girl and her Digimon, and now she claims to already know Yun and Minako?! What a great blizzard of surprises! But after she got over her surprise, she regained her composure and smiled at the girl upon discovering these revelations.

"Aria. Those girls you met, Yun and Minako...they're my friends too."

"Really? That's great! Yun-chan made me part of the Digimon Brigade! Oh! Now that you mention it, hang on just a sec!"

Aria expressed her joy upon knowing that Melody is friends with Yun and Minako, who she had met the day Ogremon attacked (which she did not know about). She rummaged through her dress pocket and pulled out a pen and a piece of paper. She wrote on the bench so she could write neatly. After she finished writing, she gave the paper to Melody. Melody took it and read it. It read '89 Kin Avenue. 7XX-9XXX'

"It's my home address and my phone number. I couldn't give it to Yun last I saw her so...can you give it to her for me? I need to know when the next Digimon Brigade meeting will be," Aria told her. Melody smiled and rubbed Aria's head with her hand.

"I'll do it, Aria," Melody said.

"So your Digimon's a Biyomon? She's pretty!" Aria said.

"Yeah! Pretty!" MarineAngemon backed her up. Biyomon was touched by their compliments.

"Why, thank you so very much! I did make sure to make myself look very presentable today, even though I had leaves and grass on me just a few minutes ago!" Biyomon replied, feeling grateful for their compliments and showed it by ruffling her tail feathers.

"So your Digimon's MarineAngemon. Aren't you a little young to have a partner so strong?" Melody asked.

"No. It's fine. Besides, MarineAngemon's cursed for some reason. She can't go to her rookie form no matter what," Aria said.

"Is that so?" Melody said.

"It's sad, but it's true. Ever since I came here, I can't seem to revert back to my rookie form. If I go into battle, I use up a LOT of my energy, and it takes a really really long time for me to get it back. It'd be easier if I could change back, but I can't," MarineAngemon explained.

"That doesn't sound good, does it?"

"No! It doesn't!"

"Biyomon? Can you digivolve yet?" Aria asked.

"No. I can't just yet. But I will soon! I guarantee it!" Biyomon replied.

"I wonder if the others got to digivolve?" Melody asked herself.

They wanted to continue their happy conversation amongst each other. But they couldn't. This time, it wasn't because some kids were bullying and picking on another kid. This time, it was because a loud KA-KAW! sound echoed in the air. A loud and piercing howl that sounded like a dying chicken being roasted in the oven.


The sound was so raspy and piercing that Aria has to cover her ears.

"Wow! Who's losing their voice?!" Biyomon exclaimed.

"I think it's coming from the construction site!" Melody said.

"Is it a Digimon? If it is, I wanna fight it with you!" Aria cried out.

"Sure! Fine with me! Come on!" Melody commanded proudly. She, Biyomon, Aria, and MarineAngemon ran from the park and headed for the construction site.

The construction site was a little further away from Melody's house than the park is, and not as easily accessible. There wasn't much there except for lots of dirt, metal bars and beams, wooden bars and beams, titanium panels, and unattended forklifts and cranes. Nobody really went there much anymore, but some workers still appeared here and there, and it was locked behind a metal fence and a sign that says 'DO NOT ENTER!' in bold black letters. But it had become a popular spot for people who wanted to get away for a while without being noticed, and people have found all sorts of ways to get in. Melody, Biyomon, Aria, and MarineAngemon got in by jumping the fence (or in Biyomon and MarineAngemon's case, flying over the fence). Melody helped Aria get over it without difficulty, and it was made easier by the fact that some panels sitting in front of the fence helped Melody have a further reach. Now, they were inside. The city is planning to build a new high school here, and it's supposed to be finish by the time the 6th graders (the grade Melody is in) graduate from Fushimi Middle School. But there was no school here. Nothing but construction material...and a giant chicken.

This isn't some little chicken that caws and lays eggs and runs away from everything all the time. It's not even a normal chicken! This thing is HUGE. Twice Melody's size even! A giant chicken with white fur and tail feathers with red at the tips, a black mohawk, a big yellow beak with actual sharp teeth underneath, big salmon colored feet, and glowing red eyes. For Melody, glowing red eyes and rabid screaming usually meant a black hexagon somewhere on it's body.

"What IS that thing?!" Aria exclaimed loudly as she clutched MarineAngemon.

"That thing is soooo ugly! It needs a good makeover!" Biyomon said. Melody pulled out her red digivice and the Digimon's information.

"Kokatorimon. A champion level bird Digimon. It's signature attacks are feather sword and stun flame shot," Melody red the info displayed on the light her digivice is emitting. Then she put her digivice away.

"SQUAWK!! SQUAWK!!" Kokatorimon squawked and roared like a rooster, spreading white feathers everywhere.

"Looks like we should cook this thing for dinner tonight! Come on, Biyomon! Let's barbecue this chicken!" Melody exclaimed as she jumped the fence and went after it.

"You got it!" Biyomon followed.

"We-We'll go too! Wait for us!" Aria exclaimed.

"Yeah! We'll fight with you!" MarineAngemon followed suit.

Melody put herself in front of the rogue Kokatorimon, who finally noticed her.

"Hey you! Your meat's gonna be on my plate for dinner tonight! Bok bok! Bok bok! Bigawk!" Melody taunted it and made mocking chicken sound effects. Soon, Biyomon flew in between them.

"Spiral Flame!!" Biyomon shot out a multi-colored spiral of fire and hit Kokatorimon in the face with it. Unfortunately, it didn't do much damage.

"Feather Sword!" Kokatorimon turned it's feathers into blades and proceeded to attack them. Thankfully Melody and Biyomon dodged the attack with aplomb. Melody caught sight of Aria and MarineAngemon.

"Aria!! You need to find a black hexagon on it's body! That's why it's going beserk!" Melody told her from afar.

"A black hexagon?" Aria asked.

"Yeah! It's black and has a skull on it! It's somewhere on it's body! Let me know if you find it so we can destroy it and return this chicken back to normal. Got me?" Melody told her.

"Okay! I'll find it! MarineAngemon!" Aria responded with a smile, then let MarineAngemon attack it.

"Spray of Hearts!!" MarineAngemon floated in front of the rabid chicken and spit out glowing pink heart shaped bubbles at Kokatorimon's face. It made it teeter a bit as if it were dizzy.

"Spiral Flame!!" Biyomon shot her spiral of fire at it again, assisting MarineAngemon. Melody stood up.

"Alright! Let's see if these karate lessons finally pay off for once!" Melody said as she got herself to stand up.

"Feather Sword!!" Kokatorimon proceeded to attack Melody.

"Melody!! Watch out!!" Biyomon, Aria, and MarineAngemon all cried out. Thankfully enough, Melody swiftly spun around in a cyclone-like spiral and landed a strong kick on one of Kokatorimon's wings. This made it's wings spread out far and wide.

This is where Aria spotted it.

"Melody! I see it! It's under it's right wing! It's armpit!" Aria said.

"That's a nice place to hide an evil device," Melody said.

"Spiral Flame!!"

"Spray of Hearts!!"

MarineAngemon and Biyomon persist in distracting and attacking the giant rogue chicken. It knocked over a few wooden bars and beams, but they were out of Melody and Aria's way so no collateral damage happened. Unfortunately, the giant squawking piece of poultry finally shook off all of their attacks.

"Stun Flame Shot!!" Kokatorimon shot red light beams out from it's eyes. Thankfully enough, Biyomon and MarineAngemon successfully managed to dodge the attack and get out of the way.

"That thing's too strong, even for me!" MarineAngemon said as she returned to Aria's side.

"If any of us are hit by Stun Flame Shot, we'll get turned into stone statues!" Melody said.

"How do you know?" Aria asked.

"I saw the show!! What else?!" Melody yelled back angrily.

"Stun Flame Shot!!" Kokatorimon shot an eye beam at one of the construction beams on top of an unfinished building. It hit the mark, and the construction beam was falling. Right above Aria's head. And it was falling closer and closer. Aria couldn't move. It all happened so fast she had a hard time processing the fact that construction beam is falling and could hit her or even kill her! She couldn't get away.

"ARIA!!" Biyomon screamed in a high voice as she zipped through the sky and pushed Aria and MarineAngemon out of the way. The metal construction beam fell to the ground, and the ground shook. Thankfully, Aria, Biyomon, and MarineAngemon are safe. But there was one other problem they needed to deal with.

"Feather Sword!!" Kokatorimon turned it's wings into blades and rammed them into the three of them, knocking them against the fence. All three of them were covered in scratches. Aria yelped in pain as her hand rammed against a sharp thing sticking out of the metal fance, cutting her tender hand and causing fresh blood to appear from it.

"Oh no!!" Melody yelped as she saw the three small creatures get thrown against the hard metal fence. Now she was absolutely choleric and incensed. She looked up at the chicken, squawking and roaring in it's raspy voice, with anger in her light brown eyes and a new flame of courage exploded in the depths of her heart.

"HEY YOU!! Giant piece of poultry!! You think you're gonna have us for dinner, aren't ya?! Well, think again!" Melody screamed angrily as she charged at the giant piece of poultry. She leaped on it's wing, which was spread out, climbed it, and landed a punch on Kokatorimon's hard beak. It made her hand shake a bit, but she honestly didn't care. She knew that karate moves done on a giant chicken twice her size weren't going to be enough to defeat it, but she honestly didn't care one bit. She wanted to cook this thing and eat it for dinner, even if it meant risking her life.

"I'm gonna roast you in my oven!!" Melody yelled as she landed a few more punches and kicks in the face. Kokatorimon squawked and cocked away in pain. As she fought with the giant chicken, Aria, MarineAngemon, and Biyomon struggled to get themselves up.

"Are you all...okay?" Aria asked quietly.

"Y-Yeah. We're fine!" MarineAngemon piped in.

"B-But Melody! Where is she?!" Biyomon struggled to get herself up. But once she looked up at the giant white feathered beast, she gasped with horror when she saw something flailing around on it's beak.

"MELODY!! Get down from there!" Biyomon yelled. But Melody wasn't listening.

"We...we her!" Aria exclaimed.

"I'll do it! I'll fly up there and fight with her! She's my partner and it's my duty to help her!" Biyomon spread her small arms out and flapped them. Soon, she was floating higher and higher into the air.

"Biyomon! Come back! You're too hurt to fly!" Aria tried to get her to come back, but for Biyomon there was no turning back.

Unfortunately, Kokatorimon flailed and flailed and finally threw Melody off of it's beak, making her fly against the fence and fall to the ground in the same way it threw the other three. Melody got herself up again, this time it was more difficult, and she gasped once she saw Biyomon flying toward it.

"Biyomon!! NOOOO!!" She knew Biyomon wouldn't stand even a millimeter of a chance against a giant rabid piece of poultry twice her size.

But she was soon to be proven wrong...once her digivice began to glow.

A bright rosy red light shot out from her digivice, which fell out from her pocket, and the crimson red beam hit Biyomon, enveloping her in it's light. The light became so bright, everyone, even Kokatorimon, had to close their eyes because it was so bright and piercing and brilliant. But everyone could tell what was happening.

"Biyomon...she's digivolving!" Melody exclaimed.

"She's gonna digivolve!" Aria and MarineAngemon both exclaimed in perfect unison.

And they were right.

"Biyomon, digivolve to..."

The crimson red light enveloping Biyomon expanded. It got bigger and bigger and bigger until it was about the same size as Kokatorimon itself! The light finally dissipated and out came a very large bird. A bird that looked as if it had become one with blazing vermilion red flames that engulfed it, but that was what it normally looked like. The bird has large fangs, two fiery antennae, eagle-like talons, and a striking presence.


Not only that, her voice got much lower as if she hit puberty, but that mostly occured with boys. Melody, Aria, MarineAngemon, and even Kokatorimon were amazed by this flaming phoenix's presence. Melody was absolutely thrilled by Biyomon's digivolution.

"Yeah! Go Birdramon!! Roast this lump of poultry!!" Melody screamed in a rejoicing manner and voice, and it seemed Birdramon was VERY motivated by Melody's support.

Birdramon flew past Kokatorimon about a dozen times in an attempt to both distract it and throw it off guard and to get it to broaden it's wings so it can expose the hexagon under it's right wing. It worked masterfully. Kokatorimon stumbled and nearly tripped at one point. But Birdramon was right on the ball and managed to force it into broadening it's wings.

"Feather Sword!"

Right at that very moment, Birdramon found the perfect opportunity to attack.

"Meteor Wing!!"

Birdramon flapped her blazing vermilion wings only once and a barrage of flaming meteors popped out from it's wings, descended upon the raging white feathered chicken Kokatorimon, and exploded right when they hit it. The explosions were so powerful that they managed to both destroy the hexagon under it's right wing and open a digital portal that pulled Kokatorimon into it, sending it back to the digital world. Everything finally ended at last. Melody ran to Aria and MarineAngemon and helped them up. But one thing's for sure: all three of them were impressed by Birdramon's epic and fiery performance. Birdramon finally descended before them and put her wings away.

"Woooow! You were seriously awesome out there, Birdramon!" Melody exclaimed.

"Yeah! The way you tried to throw it off guard with your high speed flying...that was superb!" MarineAngemon rejoiced happily in Aria's arms.

"You were so beautiful!" Aria chimed sweetly.

"I'm just happy...that you all are alright," Birdramon replied in a very low yet lady-like voice.

"So...what do we do now?" Aria asked.

"I think it's time we head back home and finish up the rest of our weekend, shall we? Birdramon! Care to fly us home?" Melody said to Aria and then to Birdramon.

"I'd be happy to take you two home," Birdramon said. Melody and Aria climbed onto Birdramon's back. Her flaming wings, oddly enough, didn't scorch them or leave 3rd degree burns on their clothes or bodies. But they didn't bother to ask why.

Birdramon flapped it's wings and ascended into the air. Melody, Aria, and MarineAngemon were amazed and awestruck by how high they were in the sky. Everything below them was so small and tiny, like they could see the entire world. But they loved how it felt the most. Feeling the sun's warmth and effulgence on their heads, the wind caressing their faces and carrying their hair and pushing their clothes back, and the feeling of being free and alive made them happiest. Now THIS is a nice way to start off a weekend! A weekend in the morning sky! Plus it seemed all the clouds disappeared when Birdramon soared pleasantly and quietly through the skies.

"Actually, Birdramon...can we go to Yun's house first?" Melody asked.

"Of course, Melody," Birdramon replied politely as she decided to head for Yun's house.

And speaking of Yun...


Little Terriermon is just having way too much fun this early in the morning, doing absolutely nothing but run around the house and look at basically everything his little eyes caught sight of. To him, this was way better than being cooped up in Yun's room all the time. Lopmon and Yun sat at the dining room table and ate their breakfast, which consisted of sliced banana pieces and strawberry yogurt, though their choice of drinks were different. Lopmon had orange juice while Yun had water. Terriermon already had his breakfast and now he's bursting with energy and totally happy. However, he's being quiet so he doesn't wake up Hisako and Teruki and Ayaka. Terriermon already didn't like Ayaka so he was especially careful to not wake her up. As he explored and wandered around happily and joyously, looking at every nook and cranny of the house he could find, Yun and Lopmon watched more of the Les Miserables anime together (and of course, Lopmon is enraged by Thenardier's cruelty and malice toward innocent little Cosette). Lopmon lay comfortably on Yun's lap, warmly embraced by Yun's white and skinny arms, happy to be with her magnanimous partner, which was blatant because of the sweet little smile on her little chocolate brown face. Yun was just happy to be able to spend the entire day with her floppy eared friends without a care in the world. Lopmon looked up at Yun with her small, round, emerald eyes.

"Yun? I was this world, is it true that we Digimon are nothing but fictional creatures in TV and toys?" Lopmon asked softly and innocently.

"Yeah, it's been true until now. And to be perfectly honest, I've always wanted to be a character in a story, like in a Digimon show or a Pokemon show or somewhere in all of my favorite anime. I always loved drawing them too. I always wanted you and Terriermon to be my partners, but I also knew in the back of my head that it was never going to come true...but now look! My wish came true!" Yun replied happily.

"Is that so? How very intriguing," Lopmon said.

"Does it bother you?" Yun asked.

"No. Not at all. I was just curious," Lopmon replied.

"Lopmon? Maybe later we can draw together. Would you like that?"

"Yes. I would very much like that. What will you draw?"

"See, my school's holding a contest called End Drug And Substance Abuse, and whoever submits the best drawing that successfully manages to get the message across wins a bunch of prizes!"

"Like what?"

"Some books by one of my favorite new authors, Takakage Eriko, a small art set, and a CD!"

"That sounds wonderful!"

"I plan on working on it later today. Maybe you can work on it with me."

"Oh! I would love to!"

"Can I join in?" Terriermon exclaimed as he hopped onto Yun's lap. Lopmon didn't mind. Yun smiled at her energetic and lively little friend.

"Of course! Come here, little guy! Group hug!" Yun pulled Terriermon next to Lopmon and gently squeezed them close to her heart. The two of them were loving this embrace immensely. After a while, she let them go.

"Yun? Do you have any good books for me to read? I finished Pollyanna," Lopmon asked.

"Got any cool video games I can play?" Terriermon asked with his arms crossed.

"Sure I do! Follow me!" Yun told them and they followed her diligently. Yun looked around her room for the books first, and pulled one out and gave it to Lopmon.

"You'll like this one. Before Green Gables(1). It's a nice story. There's an anime for this too!" Yun told her as she gave her the book. Lopmon smiled.

"I'll have to watch it later. Thank you," Lopmon said as she took the book. Yun found a video game for Terriermon to play, put in her silver Nintendo DS, and gave it to Terriermon.

"You can play Super Mario Brothers today, Terriermon," Yun told him as she gave him the game. Terriermon beamed with joy.

"Yaaay! Mario! Thank you!" Terriermon said.

But Yun didn't get to play around, Lopmon didn't get to read the book, and Terriermon didn't get to play the game. Why? Because a knocking sound could be heard on her window. Yun opened the window and...lo and behold, there are Melody and Aria!

"Whoa! Melody-chan! Aria-chan!" Yun exclaimed. Lopmon and Terriermon followed her.

"Hi, Yun," Melody said.

"Good morning, Yun-chan!" Aria and MarineAngemon both said in unison.

"What are you doing here? And how'd you find where I live? And how did you two meet?" Yun asked. Melody and Aria moved away for a bit, and Yun caught sight of Birdramon. She was shocked.

"Wooooow! Birdramon! How dazzlingly awesome!" All three of them (Yun, Terriermon, and Lopmon) exclaimed in unison and feeling very awestruck.

"I saw Aria this morning when Biyomon and I were taking a stroll. Some kids were pickin' on her and I stepped in to save her. That's all," Melody explained.

"Did your Digimon digivolve yet?" Aria asked.

"Yep! Yesterday Lopmon did. Into Turuiemon," Yun told her.

"Sweet!" Aria replied.

"Also, I wanna give this to you," Melody said as she gave Yun the paper. Yun opened it and saw that it read '89 Kin Avenue. 7XX-9XXX'

"It's my home address and phone number. It's so you can come over my house to play or tell me when the next Digimon Brigade meeting is," Aria explained.

"Actually...the next Digimon Brigade meeting is tomorrow at noon," Lopmon told her.

"Oh? Really? Okay! Thanks!" Aria said.

"Thanks to you, Aria-chan!" Yun said.

"Hey! Stick around and play with us!" Terriermon said happily.

"We'd like to, but we can't. Maybe tomorrow during the meeting we can play," Melody said.

"Hmmm. Okay! That's fine!" Terriermon said.

"Well! We gotta bounce! See ya later, Yun!" Melody said as she, Aria, and MarineAngemon hopped back onto Birdramon and flew into the sky.

"Now that was awesome!" Terriermon said.

"Yes. Biyomon has digivolved. What a dazzling sight!" Lopmon said.

Soon, they went back inside and all three of them happily played together.

As for Melody, as she rode on Birdramon's back, she can't help but remember a fond memory she had when she was little. A boy taller than her hoisted her up in the air and spun around.

"You're flying! You're flying!"

"Yay! I'm flying!"

'Big Brother...' thought Melody as she flew on Birdramon's back.

Author's Note: Hey everyone. I finished chapter 6. I'm sorry! I'm seriously upset right now! Why? Because Borders stores all over the country are closing down forever, INCLUDING the one in my town! Noooooooo! How am I going to get my manga now?! OTHER than online?! What book stores OTHER than Barnes and Noble sell manga?! I can't believe this! This is an outrage!! I'm so ticked off! How could something like this happen to wonderful Borders! I don't have a Barnes and Noble in my area, and the nearest one is 25 miles from where I live! I gotta go now. I've gotta let off some steam. Bye!


1. Before Green Gables is a book by Budge Wilson. It's the written pre-quel to Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables and it chronicles a much detailed look into the main character's life, which Montgomery didn't write much about.

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